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  • Preschool

    Our School for the Young Years offers classes for ages 3 - 5

  • Elementary School

    Evangelical is now enrolling children from kindergarten through 5th grade

  • Middle School

    Middle School available for students in 6th - 8th grades

Pride in the Past, Faith in the Future
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This month we have been doing lots of Valentine’s Day activities.  One of those activities included the definition of Love.  I ...

On January 31st we celebrated 100 Days of School!  The boys and girls made posters of 100 things they collected and counted.  They ...

This week we have been learning about the sound of letter Oo.  So, on Friday we made a big pot of Octopus Stew!  As you can see, ...

Oh, we have been hustling and bustling with lots of different Christmas activities in kindergarten.  Last week we finished reading the ...