Our Principal

Dear Evangelical School Community and Prospective Evangelical Families,

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Maria Baalman, and this is my fifth year serving as principal of Evangelical School, and my second year overseeing the Evangelical School for the Young Years. Prior to becoming the principal, I taught second grade for ten years. This year’s eighth grade class will be my ninth graduating class, so I know a good majority of our students and their families very well.

I live in Jerseyville with my husband, and we are blessed to have four children. Our oldest son is in his third year of medical school at the University of Illinois; our second son is in his fourth year at the University of Missouri, Columbia, and my third son is in his third year at the University of Missouri, Columbia. We have a daughter who is a freshman at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

It is my opinion that one of the most important aspects of my work as Evangelical’s principal is building solid relationships with students, families, and teachers. It will be very important to me to be in the hallways, cafeteria, classrooms, and on the playground getting to know your children. In my past experience, I have found that children really appreciate a person who genuinely invests in them and who is fair in decision making. These two things are extremely important to me.

In addition to building strong relationships with all of you, it will be particularly important to me to make sure that your children and you feel safe at our school. If you ever have a concern about something or a question about a specific situation or procedure, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Communication is paramount in a school. For this reason, I will always encourage you to contact your child’s teacher or me with questions.

In the coming year, we, the teachers and staff, will let our school’s vision for the future of our school and mission for achieving that future guide, inform, and inspire our teaching and learning strategies. We will encourage parent and community involvement in our efforts, and we will work every day to earn your confidence and faith in our school.

Maria Baalman


Our Classroom Newsletter – Written by the Students!

Week of Feb. 19, 2018

by Mark & Ava

Here’s what we did this week!

Science: Incubating chicken eggsB8378B13-181A-4F23-8A9D-51B344F632D2.B68D6E7A-F502-4F80-BFED-13391EBF647A

S.S.:Practicing our South 16 States and Capitals.

Math: Doing decimals and mixed decimals.

Grammar: Past-tense and future tense verbs.

Reading:Dear Mrs.LaRue

Robert Wadlow:Wrote our heights down and put them in the hallway and wrote about someone we “Look Up To”

Our favorite thing we did this week:Incubating the baby chicks.

Week of Jan. 2, 2018

Written by Alexis & Ava

Here’s what we did this week!

Math:In math we have been multiplying and dividing multiple digits.

Reading:In reading we have been  doing author’s purpose and reading My Brother Martin.



Fun Stuff:

One new thing we learned:

Our Favorite thing we did:

Spelling Words for next week:

Meet Our DWP’s (Students who have shown Discipline with Purpose Skills)!


IMG_6745IMG_6746IMG_6888October DWP LeadershipIMG_7005IMG_7007

Science Fair was a Blast!



Our Pioneer Wagons


Week of November 13, 2017

Ava, Payton, Alana, LIly, Hailey, & Logan C.

Here’s what we’ve done these past few week!

Reading: We finished reading Call It Courage and now we are reading Sarah plain and Tall!

Math: We are multiplying hundreds and learning different ways to multiply

Grammar:plural nouns and singular nouns


Science: We are working on our Science projects

Spelling Words for Next Week:

Some cool things we’ve learned:

Some of our favorite things we did:

Week of October 9, 2017

by Alana and Mark

Reading: Call it Courage

Math: 3 number Multiplication

S.S.: all about Indians

Science: motion

Grammar: proper and common nouns

Spelling Words for Next Week:

One of the new things we learned this week:

One of our favorite things we did this week:

Week of Sept. 25, 2017

by Logan B., Parker, Lily, & Payton

Here’s what we did the last couple of weeks!

Reading The Astronaut and the Onion and The Raft

Math: multiply and divide facts

Grammar: compound sentences and compound subj. and pred.

Writing:personal narrative

Spelling: beam, tea, chief, squeak, peep, weep, sleek, heal, tease, thief, deal, please, leak, league, reef, deed, feet, breathe, speech, wheeze, neigh, pale, bail, freedom, appeal

S.S.: We made native american homes like: wigwams, teepees, and longhouses; Mr.McRae showed us his collection of arrowheads and taught us more about native americans;

We also wrote our own native american legends. Mrs. Chelsea the ag lady came and taught us agriculture.

Science:we learned about different types of motion.

One new thing we learned:we learned about fact families they we’re so easy.

One fun thing we did: We finished tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume, and got cookies after.  Then, we started Otherwise known as Sheila the Great also by Judy Blume.

We will be finishing the whole series, too!

Week of Sept. 18, 2017

Due to too much fun with Cheez-Its and Prodigy at Math Centers, we did not have time for the reporters to update this  week’s newsletter. Above are the spelling words for next week.

By Benny & Hailey

Week of Sept. 11, 2017

Here’s what we did this week!

Math: estimate and add whole numbers use addition properties and subtraction rules

Reading: Identify main idea and details

Spelling: Long a

Grammar: Types of sentences subject and predicate

S.S.: Describe native American culture of the Midwest

Science: Distinguish the different types of energy and how they’re formed

Next week’s spelling words: file drive kite pies die wipe inside height pride spy

sigh shy prime sly pry climb minding fright twice slight

One new thing we learned this week: About different types of Indians

One fun thing we did this week: Building different types of Indian Homes

by Lily and Reese

Week of Sept. 5

Here’s what we did this week:

Math: We rounded whole numbers, then on Friday we took a test

Writing: We wrote our own mystery story

S.S. We took a S.S. test. We learned about Illinois

Science: We learned about different types of energy

Spelling Words: Same as last week

One new thing we learned: We learned more about Illinois

One of our favorite things we did was: We played S.S./Math games.

by Payton & Max

Reading:We read The Mystery of the Missing lunch

Spelling:We’re working on short value sounds

Writing:Were working on a mystery story

Math:this week we are working on billions

S.S.:we learned about Ilinois crops and land forms.

Science:We learned about types of energy

Spelling Words for Next Week:pale ,face,crate,clay,stray,cane,slate,today,bail,rail,break,ache,drain,faint,flame,claim,steak,neigh,mane,graze,neighbor,railway

One new thing we learned this week:We learned problem and solution

One fun thing we did this week:We went on a nature walk for social studies

by Reese & Parker

Place Value-a video review from another teacher on place value

Here is what we learned this week!

Math: place value 1 to a million also were to put comma.

Reading: readers theater and ”Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

S.S.:we learned about our state Illinois and geography

Science: we learned energy

Writing: we are writing to our future selves

Next Week’s Spelling Words: sum, flat,  plum, bell, grim,  plot, band, bluff, dock, blot, odd, left, cash, mill, past, shelf, wealth, crunch, hint,


One new thing we learned this week:we learned new things in place value.

One fun thing we did this week: we made app for a huge iPhone.

Welcome to 1st grade! My name is Mrs. Sears.  I have been teaching at Evangelical School for nine years. I love working with these young students and seeing them challenge themselves to do more.  I also love working with students when they are struggling with a skill. We keep working on it and then all of a sudden a light bulb comes on and they know how to do something that they couldn’t do before.  It is one of the best feelings in the world and makes my job so enjoyable!  I also enjoy teaching them the word of God and seeing them develop a relationship with God and their fellow peers. They are such sweethearts! Here is a little bit more about myself. I graduated from Greenville College in 2008.  I reside in the small town of Jerseyville, Il.  My husband, Phillip, and I have been married for seven years and we have a beautiful daughter that is almost two! God has truly blessed us.