Be a Leaper, Not a Slider

Be a Leaper, Not a Slider

You may have recently heard your child say that he wants to be a “summer leaper”, not a “summer slider”.  A “summer leaper” is the term used for a child that gains in reading skills throughout the summer by continuing to read.  A “summer slider”, on the other hand, is used to describe a student who does not  read over the summer.  A student who does not read can actually lose some of the skills he has learned.  Please make sure that your child is a “leaper” not a “slider” this summer.  A great way to accomplish this is by participating in Evangelical School’s Summer Reading Program.  I would also recommend that you sign up your child  for Hayner Library’s Summer Reading Program.  The Hayner Program begins with sign up on Saturday, June 3rd, and ends on Friday, July, 7th. If you do not live in the Hayner Library district, your child may participate in your town’s public library program. 

Bluestem Reading List

 Students who will be in fourth and fifth grades in the next school year, had a list of titles that are Bluestem nominees for  2017 – 2018  attached to their Summer Reading Program flyer.  Students who read at least four of the nominees by next February will be eligible to vote for their favorite book.  Please encourage your child to participate.

Rebecca Caudill Reading List
Attached to the middle school Summer Reading Program flyer last week, was a list of the Rebecca Caudill nominees for  2017 – 2018.  Students must read three of the books to be able to vote for the award next February.  Students are highly encouraged to participate.


welcome to 2nd grade

Hello!  My name is Jessica LeBrun.  I teach second grade at Evangelical School.

We work very hard in second grade.  I have high expectations for each one of my students, and I try my best to equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

Please enjoy scrolling through the posts below.  They are just a small example of the wonderful things we do in our class.


End-of-the-Year Reading Club

As we are wrapping up second grade, my students are participating in a reading club.  They have been split into reading groups, given reading briefcases, and a choice of many different books to read.  Each group chooses a book to read, they discuss the book, take notes about the book, and then finish by completing a comprehension activity of their choice.  The finished project is placed in their briefcase, and then the group chooses a new book to start the process all over again.  The students have enjoyed reading club so much this year that I have had to expand our time from 45 minutes to 75  minutes a day.  They are reading machines! :)

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This week all the kindergarten and first grade students got to go to a drive-in movie in the gym.  Everyone brought their special car they made just for the occasion.  There were some awesome creations!  Naturally, we watched the movie “Cars.”  Each child enjoyed popcorn and a drink right in the privacy of their own car.  I would like to thank all the teachers, janitors, and other helpers who made this day a very special memory for all the students!

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This Tuesday was the last time the boys and girls got to meet with their Reading Buddies.  The children made a wish for their buddy and we tied it onto a balloon.  Then we went outside to release the balloons if they wanted to.  The Reading Buddies spent a little time on the playground with us too.   We wish them all the best of luck!

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The Drama Llamas

Our  Drama Club finished the school year with a pizza party.  Current fifth grade students were invited to come to the party, as well. We are hoping to see them back again next year when they are in middle school.

Middle School Summer Reading Program

Students currently in grades five through seven are highly encouraged to participate in Evangelical School’s Summer Reading Program.  Students are to keep a record of pages read over the summer to earn reading rewards.  The program sheet will be sent home on Wednesday, May 16th.  It is extremely important that students continue to read throughout the summer. 

“Blast Off With Books” Summer Reading Program

3…2…1…Blast Off!  Evangelical students currently in kindergarten through fourth grade are invited to blast off with books this summer by taking part in our Summer Reading Program.  More information about the program will be coming home on Wednesday, May 17th.  Please encourage your child to participate.  I am hoping that by reading this summer all of our students will be “summer leapers”, not “summer sliders”.