Hayner Library

Hayner Library Activities 

The Hayner Library Summer Reading Program, “Reading by Design”, continues through June and in to the first week of July.  The last day to turn in reading sheets for their program is Friday, July 7th. 

Don’t forget to check the Hayner Library list of events taking place throughout the summer.  On Wednesday, June 14th, the library is offering an activity titled “Fire and Ice”.  OMG Josh will be featured on Wednesday, June 21st.  His program is “Build a Better Story”.  It sounds to me like a great program to attend to get an early start on Young Authors. 


I hope that all of our Evangelical School families are enjoying a great summer.  I hope, also, that our Evangelical School summer readers have ” Blasted Off With Books” by now.  Please remember to keep track of titles and time or pages read. The sheets are due back the first week of school.  If you are in need of ideas for books to read, may I suggest books related to space?   With the solar eclipse coming up on the first day of school,  this would be a perfect time for students to learn more about the planets and solar system. There are wonderful books dealing with space for all ages.  Please have your child continue to read throughout the summer.  Make sure your child is a  “summer leaper”, not “a  summer slider”.