Mr. Van Voorhis’ Class


Indiana Jones explains How to Learn Math. Dig It.


Plant growth investigation. Counting clover sprouts. Day 2.


Marble Launch. Identifying the best angle.

Last week, we were blessed to have Ugandan Thunder stop by on Wednesday to visit with us and spend some time in class. We had Tracy, Zipporah (Zippy), and Allen visit with us.

The children enjoyed it immensely! They stayed for lunch and played at recess!!! We always love the sound “Thunder”! Here are some pics of the visit!

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October has been a fun month in 4th grade! (10-24-17)

We started out the month with our trip to Springfield. Even though it was a chilly and rainy day, we had a great time! The students saw the State Capitol building with all of its murals, statues, marble, gold leaf, and chandeliers. It is such a beautiful building! We were able to visit the Illinois State History museum for the first time in several years; it isn’t nearly as cool as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, but it is still really cool! They have an entire floor dedicated to the Native Americans where they have a lot of artifacts and life-sized displays of what Native American life looked like. We also visited Lincoln’s tomb, the old state capitol building and the Abraham Lincoln Museum. It was a long day, but we learned a lot and had a great time!

We had several visitors come to our room this month. One of the visitors was Mrs. Reeves from the Madison County CAREE Program. She visits our classroom 4 times a year and discusses agriculture in the Madison County area. Our first visit was all about the crops that Illinois is known for. Our next visit is right after Thanksgiving and it will be about the livestock raised here in Illinois.

My husband, Patrick McRae, also came to visit our classroom this month. One of his many hobbies is to collect and research Native American artifacts. He has several cases full of artifacts that he brings in and shares with the 4th grade classes. The students really enjoy this presentation because they get to touch and see the artifacts that we discuss in Social Studies class. How cool to touch something from so long ago!!

Our last visitor was from the US Army Corps of Engineers at the National Great Rivers Museum. A ranger came in and talked to us about the Bonkers for Birds contest. This is an art contest just for 4th graders in our area. The ranger presented information on bird adaptations and methods for bird identification then the students are asked to choose a bird species to research. Our bird is the Red-headed Woodpecker. The students have completed their research and are working on their bird drawings in hopes to be chosen for the Bonkers for Birds Field Guide book. The winner from each class will have their research and drawing published in the book, I will post the winner when they are chosen later this year.

So far we have been very busy in the 4th grade, we look forward to the rest of the school year and all the fun projects coming our way.





My name is Kelly Rich, and I have a degree in Elementary Education and am the Religion teacher for grades K-5.  Besides teaching Religion, I also work as a Teaching Assistant in the Blue Class at Evangelical School for the Young Years.  I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, two children, three cats, and one dog.  I like to read and garden.

Middle School

Dear Parents and Students,

Teaching Religion is one of the highlights of my life and since Evangelical has the best students in the world (I’m not at all biased) I’m looking forward to another wonderful year.

My main goal as the Religion teacher is to help the students see that the Bible is one of the most fascinating books in the world.  We start “in the beginning” (Genesis) and move through the Bible highlighting some well known Bible stories and a few lesser known Bible Stories.

Stories are one of the most effective ways to teach morals and Religion is not just the telling of the Bible Stories, but applying the moral of the story.  So the end goal is not only to know Bible Stories, but through the stories learn more about the Author, God Himself.  As we learn more about God, He uses the knowledge we gain to grow us in character development and spiritual and moral formation.  It is always exciting to see how God grows each student in the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control as they apply what they learn to their lives!

Middle School will occasionally have quizzes and tests to evaluate their comprehension of the material.  Middle School students will be required to take notes to serve as study guides for these quizzes and tests.  Each week they will also memorize a Bible verse that coincides with the part of the Bible we are learning.  Students will also keep prayer journals recording throughout the year things they are thankful for and experiences God has blessed them with.

I’m looking forward to meeting new parents, seeing returning parents, and getting to know and interact with your children!  If you have any questions throughout the year please do not hesitate to call me.


                                                                                                            Steven Helfrich


 It’s Mrs. Long !!!!!!!


Well, I managed to pull off a HUGE surprise for the kids!  Our beloved Mrs. Long came all the way from O’Fallon and did a mini art lesson with the students!!!! They loved it!!! (So did she!) They built a sculpture to assist them in drawing. They used pipe cleaners, straws, and playdough!




Welcome to my class! Third grade is an amazing grade to teach. I have been teaching at Evangelical since 2001 and have loved every minute. It is, no doubt, an incredible place of work with staff I can call my friends and students I can’t help but call “my kids”. I have children of my own, twins- Benny and Sophie, who are fourth graders here at Evangelical. My husband, Steven, of almost 16 years works here too. He is the middle school Religion teacher. As you see, I can, undeniably, call Evangelical my second home.

Im looking forward to another adventurous year with my third graders. We’ve been busy at work (in a good way) and I’m getting ready to post more about the things we’ve been doing soon. So, come back. You don’t want to miss it.

September/October Update

I know that we are half way through September, but here is the update for the remainder of the September and all of October.

Next week we will finish up our study of the various Native American tribes with dioramas of the tribes. (Pics to follow once completed)

We will be finishing our chapter in math of adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals.

We have been learning about matter, mass and the properties of matter in Science and will be finishing that chapter next week.

In reading we will finish up the unit in the reading book and then begin a cross curricular reading The Sign of the Beaver. This will go along with our Native American unit in Social Studies. We will be writing a “How To” essay for grammar.

Camp DuBois will be here before we know it!!! The kids are pumped about camp and I am too!!!!! I LOVE camp!!!!

In October we will be finishing the quarter and having Parent/Teacher Conferences at the end of the month.

In Social Studies we will be learning about various explorers and how they explored new lands. In Nov. we will do a simulation as explorers and see if we “Survive” the trip.

In Math we will begin working on multiplication skills this will continue through November as well.

In Science we will explore forces and motion and how they effect movement.

I feel we have been having a great year and I am looking forward to an exciting rest of the year!!! Thank you for letting  me teach your children and allowing me to learn from them as well!!!!

My Classroom Website
Here is a link to my website with all the information for homework, spelling words, tests, and specials schedule!


Welcome to Kindergarten!


Hi! My name is Crystal Kraut and this is my ninth year teaching at Evangelical. I love second grade and I love teaching here at this school. I reside in Jerseyville and I have a six year old son who also attends Evangelical. We are so excited for this school year! It’s going to be the best yet!