Family Reading Night 2017

Lasso a Great Book

Round up your family and ride on over to Evangelical School’s Family Reading Night on Thursday, Nov. 2nd.  Join us as we celebrate reading western style.  The night begins with registration in the atrium. Next, head to the gym where our Drama Llamas with entertain us with a western Readers’ Theater.  Also on hand will be Mrs. Becky Long, our former kindergarten teacher.  She will be sharing western stories with us.  Crafts, storytelling, songs, cowboy yoga, photo opportunities, and refreshments will round out the night.  Please make plans to join us.  A reservation form is available on the school website.

Just another great day in kindergarten painting pumpkins!

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The Drama Llamas are Evangelical Middle School’s drama club.

They meet every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 PM.  We request that members attend at least 80% of the meetings so that it doesn’t put undo stress on the performers who may be counting on them to be at any performances and to know their lines.

The goals of drama club are for the students to learn improv skills, gain public speaking experience and to learn stagecraft.

The Drama Llamas will also go on field trips to see other school’s and professional performances as well as have fundraisers to gain funds for costumes, scripts, and props.

Here are the events where the Drama Llamas typically perform:

  • Family/Teen Read Nights
  • Veterans Day Celebration
  • Christmas Sing-A-Long
  • Spring Play/Band and Chorus Concert
  • Any more as opportunity allows!

This week in our reading series, I read the story “What Does Mommy Do When I Am At School?”  I thought it might be interesting to find out what all our mommies do when we are at school.  Here are the responses I received:

Jake – She runs to Target to get stuff.

Henry – There are two options.  When she doesn’t work in the day she takes a nap, and watches some TV.  When she is at work she serves food to people.

Olivia – She collects papers for the mailman.

Blake – She has breaks and eats and drinks with her friends at work.

Brielle – She cleans the house and takes care of my brother and sister.

Cylen – She works on her phone at home.

Kaden – She is a nurse and she helps people.

Christian – She works on her computer.

Taylor – She cuts the grass.

Laelah – She cleans the house.

Aubrey – She watches TV.

Emily – She takes a nap.

Korby – She feeds my baby.

Stella – She works at a vet clinic and takes care of puppies and kitties.

Makenna – She works on the computer at my Papa’s house.


Last week, the Fifth Grade students made their annual trip to DuBois Center! The students always enjoy themselves and this year was no exception! They built Burma bridges (bridges made of rope) and then crossed them with help and encouragement from their classmates. The horse riding was a hit! The students learn to work together to each goals and become closer friends! The chaperones are always appreciated and they had fun too!!!!


My name is Sasha Hall. I am thrilled to teach third grade here at Evangelical School!

I graduated from SIUE with my Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2016. I live in Godfrey with my husband Simon and son Silas. We have a cat named Scout and absolutely love the outdoors. I also enjoy baking and sewing.

Walking into my classroom, you will see a bright atmosphere that reflects the bright light that God has put in each of us. I encourage students to let their light shine for ALL to see-Matthew 5:16.

Though third grade can be a year of change and transition, my goal is to make that change as easy and as smooth as possible for the students. Please don’t hesitate to contact me during school hours! I am here to serve and happy to help!


Mrs. Hall

Animal Reports

We just finished a science unit on animals.  We learned all about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and insects.  Each student picked an animal to write a research paper on.  The finished projects turned out very nicely.


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One of our parents taught us about pointillism.  She gave each student a piece of Georges Seurat’s painting A Sunday Afternoon.  Each student used pointillism to fill in their piece, and then she put all of them together to make the whole picture.  It turned out great!


Welcome Fall!

We made fall trees to help welcome in the new season.


The Tower of Bable

Our religion teacher, Mrs. Rich, was teaching our students about the Tower of Babel.  She brought in uncooked spaghetti noodles and marshmallows so they could make their own towers.  They had so much fun!

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