Native American Museum



After studying Native Americans for our November social studies theme, my First graders held a museum to

present all that they had learned.  They set up displays of the artifacts that they had made throughout their study which

included homes, clothing and beliefs of several tribes.  Each display included a sign that listed facts about the artifact.

As friends and family visited each table, students shared what they had learned about each artifact and the tribe that

used it.  At the culmination of the museum, students were able to take their artifacts home.

Tipis - Sioux

Wampanoag wig wams

Buckskin VestsMoccasins - Chippewa

Dancing Shields - Woodland IndiansDreamcatchersAnimal fetishes - ZuniTotem Poles - Northwestern tribesNavajo medallions

Pumpkin, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

We spent the month of October learning about pumpkins.

The first graders compared, measured, and described their pumpkins.

They completed an experiment to see if they all could float and tested to

see which ones rolled farther and faster.  Then we discussed why.

At the end of the month, we estimated how many seeds are inside and

counted them in groups of ten.  Our pumpkins were loaded with seeds!

Finally, each student saved some seeds to plant next Spring.








Pennies for Posho


The first graders were very enthusiastic about collecting money for the Ugandan orphanages.

After we filled the bucket two times, we decided to count how much we had collected.

We divided the coins up and counted into piles of ten (4 for the quarters).

We collected over $150 dollars.  I would say that is a successful

demonstration of our DWP skill of making sacrifices.




As we enter this Christmas season, we have been preparing for the Advent season by learning the story of the Candy Cane and how they tell the story of Christ.

In math we have been getting a glimpse into Algebra in math, in science we have learned about environments, food chains, food webs, and the part we play in changing the environment. We have been learning about how the colonies became states and what led to the American Revolutionary War. We have also begun working on Young Authors books.

I can’t believe that half the year is over and when we return in January, we will be on the downward slope of the year! You are very nearly parents of a middle schooler!

I hope you enjoy your Christmas break and some well deserved family time! I hope the children enjoy their well deserved break!!!!

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