On December 12, we Cuddled Up With a Critter and a Story. Many parents  and one grandparent came to class to share a favorite Christmas story with us while we cuddled on the floor with a blanket and a stuffie from home. IMG_1712IMG_1728IMG_1720IMG_1709

Even Mrs. Baalman read us a story.


We had a lot of fun with our reading buddies this month. They helped us paint a beautiful nativity picture.

IMG_1665 IMG_1672

They took us on a scavenger hunt to find our Christmas presents and then read them to us.IMG_1752IMG_1754



Our students did an amazing job at the Christmas program and they looked so nice in their holiday clothes!

IMG_1703 IMG_1702IMG_1704


In January, we explored magnets at the STEAM table and did an art project with magnets.

IMG_1799 - CopyIMG_1804 - Copy


Hooray!! We’ve been learning in kindergarten for 100 days and we’re 100 days smarter. This called for a BIG celebration!

We popped 100 balloons (with our bottoms), found 100 hidden kisses, received 100 “dollars” and wore our fabulous 100 day hats.

IMG_1893 - Copy IMG_1891 - Copy IMG_1890 - CopyIMG_1876

IMG_1867 - Copy IMG_1864 - Copy




IMG_1878 - CopyIMG_1869 - CopyIMG_1866 - CopyIMG_1865 - CopyIMG_1892

What a fun day!!

Literacy Stations

As part of our literacy block, our class does literacy stations three mornings a week.  There are several different stations to visit:


Reading Counts


Guided Reading with our student teacher, Miss Runyon (We also have a guided reading group with our resource teacher, Mrs. Barnerd and one with me.)


Spelling Station


Fluency Station


Buddy Reading

**Our class looks forward to literacy stations every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and they have learned a lot of good reading, writing, and social skills from these stations.**


As we wrapped up our unit in science about dinosaurs and fossils, each student wrote about and illustrated their favorite dinosaur.  They then made their own dinosaur in its habitat.

20180122_115311  20180122_115315

20180122_115329  20180122_115337

Bluestem and Rebecca Caudill Voting

Voting for the Bluestem Award and the Rebecca Caudill Award will take place the last week of February in the library.  These two awards are voted on by students across the state of Illinois.  Students in grades four and five may vote for the Bluestem Award if they have read and/or heard four of the nominees.  Voting for the Rebecca Caudill Award is by students in middle school who have read and/or heard three of the nominees.  The results will be announced in March. 

Read to Succeed

All students in kindergarten through sixth grade have an opportunity to earn a free ticket to Six Flags Theme Park through their Read to Succeed program.  Information and log sheets were sent out in January.  The forms are due back to classroom teachers on Friday, February 16th.

Young Authors’ Week 2018

Evangelical School is celebrating our Young Authors this week.  Our theme this year is “Beauty and the Books”.  Special activities are taking place in the library.  The books are on display in the hallway outside of the library.  An assembly will be held on Thursday, February 1st, to recognize and celebrate our Young Authors.  The assembly will take place in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.



 Students at Evangelical may begin band in fifth grade.  They can continue through eighth grade.  Instruments will be demonstrated during the first weeks of school.  Halpin Music Company will come to the school one evening, after instruments have been demonstrated, to have instruments available for rental.

Have you ever tasted Octopus Stew?  Well, our class has!  We have been working on the short vowel sound of letter Oo.  Last Friday we made a big pot of Octopus Stew.  I have to say, it was a big hit and almost all of the students had seconds!  We are having a great time cooking our way through the alphabet!

IMG_6708 IMG_6711 IMG_6710 IMG_6714 IMG_6712  IMG_6709

Fossil Fun

We have been studying dinosaurs and fossils in both reading and science.  Students are currently working on an at-home dinosaur project which will be posted later.  To better understand how fossils are made, we made our own with Play-doh and Swedish fish.  We followed the 4 steps of fossil formation:

1.  A plant or animal dies.  (We quickly mourned the death of our Swedish fish :))

2.  Layers and layers of mud and dirt cover the animal or plant.  (We used bits of Play-doh to represent many different layers of mud covering our fish.)

3.  After many years, the mud turns to rock.  (We closed our eyes and took 5 deep breaths.  Each breath represented 100 years.  When we opened our eyes, 500 years had passed.  We had to pretend that our Play-doh had hardened into rock.)

4.  An imprint of the animal or plant is left in the rock.  (When we carefully removed the Swedish fish, an imprint was left inside the Play-doh.)

What a fun visual for the students!

20180116_114828  20180116_114833

Adding the layers of mud (Play-doh) to the dead animal (Swedish fish).

20180116_115226  20180116_115235  20180116_115244

Imprints of the the fish left in the rock (or Play-doh)


Very exciting :)

Martin Luther King, Jr.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. each student was responsible for reading a biography of MLK, Jr. and then choosing 5 important facts about him.  They then took these facts and wrote an essay.

20180123_100641  20180116_132718

20180123_100650  20180116_132733