100th day of school

We recently celebrated the 100th day of school.  The students went to both kindergarten and first grade classrooms to participate in different activities. IMG_4265 IMG_4264 IMG_4259 IMG_4262 IMG_4260

20180118_154059 20180118_144750

In January, we learned about weather. We learned about different types of clouds and what each one brings. We also learned about the water cycle and did some experiments.

“Some people attach snowboards to their feet, very few attach them to their souls”- Shaun White


From the desk of Ms. Mitchell


In P.E this month all of our students will be getting a little taste of different dance forms.  While in class, we will be practicing line dancing, country line dancing, and other cultural dances.

At the end of this month, students K-5 will also be learning and getting to experience the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Each student will be given the chance to compete in Olympic sports right here in our gym!!

January DWP Stars

Chase H.      Maya R.       Wesley L.       Audrey P.

Renae D.      Bishop S.      Benny H.

McKenna D.      Ella P.      Riana G.



God Bless-

Ms. Mitchell



The band concert date has been changed to May 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm.  This will give us the majority of the school year to learn our music, especially for the beginning band.







This month, we talked about Valentine’s Day and what it meant.  I was curious to know what the boys and girls thought love was.   As usual, I was amazed at the great answers I received.

Love is …

Jake – when I fall down and mom picks me up.

Olivia – when I help dad get stuff like water.

Blake – when mom lets me play in the snow.

Brielle – when my sister cries and I make her happy.

Cylen – when mom gives me Legos.

Kaden – learning about God.

Christian – when mom gives me a hug.

Taylor – when mom and dad get me ice cream.

Laelah – when I help mom bake.

Aubrey – when my cat doesn’t bite me in bed.

Emily – when mom cooks good things for me like cookies.

Korby – love is inside your heart.

Stella – when my mom and brother take me to McDonalds.

Makenna – when your sister gets you a Band-Aid.

Everyone also had a great time at the Valentine party.  The parents did a great job putting the party together for the students.  Our friend Henry even came to join us for the party!

IMG_6397(1) IMG_6394

IMG_6399 IMG_6393



welcome to 2nd grade

Hello!  My name is Jessica LeBrun.  I teach second grade at Evangelical School.

We work very hard in second grade.  I have high expectations for each one of my students, and I try my best to equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

Please enjoy scrolling through the posts below.  They are just a small example of the wonderful things we do in our class.


Lego Party

Our second graders were given the task of writing a persuasive letter to their classmates.  In this letter, they were able to choose one of three activities to persuade their classmates to vote for.  Their choices were a Lego party, a movie with popcorn, or an extra recess.  After the students wrote their letters, they read them aloud to their classmates.  The class then voted for the desired activity.  The Lego party won! :)

20180209_141703  20180209_141708

20180209_141729  20180209_144314

20180209_144317  20180209_144321

20180209_144341  20180209_144348


We have been very busy this month:

Celebrating Black History Month

20180131_164307  20180131_164318

20180131_164326  20180131_164339


Celebrating Valentine’s Day

20180131_083739  20180131_083751

Celebrating Presidents’ Day


I am not sure where the month has gone or how I missed it, but boy has this month flown by! The children have been busy working on many different things. In Science, they have been working on their Trashformations.


In Social Studies, they have begun their journey to Oregon via the Oregon Trail.

As a class, we started reading A Wrinkle In Time and I hope to be able to meet the you and the students at the theater when the movie comes in March!

Math has brought us to the fraction/decimal chapters.

Yesterday was our Valentine’s Day Party and the students loved every bit of it. Thank you to all who helped to make the day special.

IMG_20180214_142920 IMG_20180214_142732 IMG_20180214_142826 IMG_20180214_145055 IMG_20180214_145104 IMG_20180214_145106 IMG_20180214_145012 IMG_20180214_145023 IMG_20180214_145029 IMG_20180214_145032 IMG_20180214_145040

Grandparents/Grandfriends Day is just around the corner! I always feel like this event triggers the end of the year craziness. I can’t believe we are nearly into the 4th quarter!


Meet the McRae Twins (2-15-18)


I had the privilege of welcoming two sweet, perfectly healthy, twin boys into this crazy world! God certainly did bless us! We are so in love. Meet Rory (on the left) and Grady (on the right). I have been back from my maternity leave for about a month now and I am so glad to be back! I miss my boys like crazy but I LOVE teaching, it’s what I was called to do!

We have done TONS of fun things since I came back. We read the novel Because of Winn-Dixie, had a whole week dedicated to STEM, we’re learning about fractions and decimals, we took our first states and capitals test over the North East, we are currently studying the Southern states, we are working on a research project to celebrate Robert Wadlow’s 100th birthday, and I launched my Google Classroom this week (Ms. Smith and I are super excited)! It’s been a busy four weeks!

Keep a look out for my posts about Because of Winn-Dixie, STEM, and our Robert Wadlow projects! :)