Spring Has Sprung!!!!


 Here are your beautiful “Angels”!!!

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We enjoyed “spirit week” and are looking forward to Easter Break! Don’t forget that Terra Nova is the week we get back from Easter Break! Good healthy breakfasts and lots of rest!!!! The students are also working on the Spring Musical performance.

Spanish Poster Contest 2018 Participants

This year’s Spanish Poster theme: ¡El español y el portugués en marcha!

Some student’s also wrote the theme in Portuguese: O espanhol e o português em movimento!

I enjoy watching student’s ideas and the Spanish Poster Contest helps demonstrate student understanding of the importance of learning new languages. This promotes creative thinking, celebrates visual learners and artistic expression, verbalizes appreciation of other languages, and engages the enthusiasm of our students!

Second Graders

Second Graders! ¡Gracias estudiantes!


5th Graders from Mrs. Decker’s Class who participated in this year Spanish Poster Contest. ¡Gracias estudiantes!

Spanish Poster

4th Graders from Mrs. McRae’s class who participated for this year’s Spanish Poster Contest.

3rd grade class observing student's posters!

Third grade class observing student’s posters!

This week we celebrated Spirit Week at our school.  Today was Career Day.  As you can see, the boys and girls all have bright futures ahead of them!  We had everything from daycare workers to paleontologists!



Mississippi Mud visited our school last week.  The children all got to make a ceramic mask.  Needless to say, they had a great time!  They were also fascinated by the demonstration on the pottery wheel.  I can’t wait to see the finished products!

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February brought us entertainment in the form of a Valentine’s Day party where we exchanged candy and

a Father Daughter  that treated those who attended to a nice dinner and a night of dancing.

Students were challenged to make sacrifices for Lent by collecting items from around their house to donate to Goodwill.

The volleyball season started and the teams are looking great!



January brought us a visit from a speaker on the Revolutionary War, and

students worked very hard to complete their Young Authors’ books.



December brought us worshiping God as a school in the form of singing Christmas carols and

celebrating in the classroom in the from of another splendid party. Thanks room parents!



November brought us the school-wide Thanksgiving feast, to which the fifth grade contributed stuffing.



October brought us our annual 5th grade camping field trip to Camp DuBois and

and incredible Halloween party planned by some awesome room parents. Thanks!



September brought us student-led mini-art in the form of the creation of a color wheel and

learning about Native Americans’ lifestyles through the creation of realistic dioramas.