Public Library Summer Reading Programs

Public Library Summer Reading Programs 

Area public libraries also offer Summer Reading opportunities.  I am most familiar with the Hayner Public Library Summer Reading Programs. Their theme this summer is “Reading Under the Sun”.  One program is for ages birth through twelve. Summer kickoff registration starts on Saturday, June 2nd, at the Hayner Library at the mall location.  Storytimes, crafts, games, and entertainment will be available on given dates throughout the program.  The program ends on Friday, July 13th.  To help Evangelical School’s efforts in winning the Hayner Library Summer Reading Trophy, a student must register and complete the program by Friday, July 13th.  

A second program is offered for ages twelve through eighteen. Registration begins on Saturday, June 2nd, at the Alton Square location.  Events will take place at the Community Center.  July 6th is the last day to return sheets for this program.  Again, to help us in our efforts to win the trophy, students must complete the program and return the sheet.

If you do not live in the Hayner Public Library District, you may complete the program that is offered by your district library. 

Evangelical School Summer Reading Programs

There are many opportunities to read throughout the summer.  To take advantage of this, Evangelical School has a Summer Reading Program perfect for each of our students.  Incoming kindergarten through incoming fifth grade students may take part in “Be a Read Box Reader”. Students are rewarded for their efforts according to the number of minutes read.  Information and a log sheet have been sent home.

Students entering sixth, seventh, and eighth grades also have a Summer Reading Program.  Their program is based on the number of pages read, with rewards being offered for their efforts. Information and a log sheet have been sent home.

All sheets must be returned the first week of school in August.

“Be a Leaper, not a Slider”

Perhaps you have seen the wall display outside of the library.  There are two frogs.  One is leaping for joy, while the other is sliding down with a big X across his body.  The display is there to remind students to read over the summer.  Studies have shown that a child that reads over summer break can boost his reading skills.  On the other hand, a child that does not read can lose skills that he has learned during the school year.  Please encourage your child to “be a leaper, not a slider”. 

Missing Library Books

A part of my position as librarian involves the return of books to the library before the end of the school year.  My role changes from checking books out to students to gathering books in from students.  I have recently sent out notices to the students that still have library books not returned.  For now, it is not a big concern.  Students find library books in their desks, teachers find library books in their classrooms, and sometimes I find missing books in the library.  During the summer, I will check the library shelves for missing books.  If a book is not found by registration in August, there will be a replacement fee charged. 

As we draw to a close for the year, I reflect on the time I have spent with the students. I have many fond memories! I enjoyed the Camp DuBois field trip and getting to know the kids outside of the classroom and watching them grow and be willing to try new things even things that might have been a little scary, and the way they encouraged each other along the way.

As the year progressed I watched them grow academically and enjoy the learning process. I look forward to watching them as they continue on here at Evangelical in the Middle School!

Enjoy your summer and encourage them to read!

 Welcome to Second Grade!


Hello!  My name is Jessica LeBrun.  I teach second grade at Evangelical School.

We work very hard in second grade.  I have high expectations for each one of my students, and I try my best to equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

Please enjoy scrolling through the posts below.  They are just a small example of the wonderful things we do in our class.



Students may begin violin classes in third grade.  Violin is demonstrated at the beginning of the year.  Halpin Music Company will come to the school one evening, after the violin has been demonstrated, to make instruments available for rental.  Violin students perform the same evening as the spring musical.


Choir is open to students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.  Choir members help in leading worship on Wednesday mornings.  Choir also learns special music for the Veteran’s Day program in the fall and does a musical in late winter/early spring.

Field Trip Fun

Thanks to the Every Kid in a Park initiative, we were able to take a free field trip to the Audubon Center and Riverlands. This field trip allowed us to take part in several fun activities including; a live reptile show, a canoeing adventure on the Mississippi River, a live history show about Lewis and Clark, and a presentation about the national parks and federal lands in the United States. Another perk of the Every Kid in the Park initiative is that every 4th grade student and their families get FREE access into ANY nation park in the United States ALL summer! This is pretty awesome, considering that some of the national parks are pretty costly to get into.


Our computers got a makeover…meet the new Olivia :)

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As you can tell we had a pretty great time, the weather was beautiful, and I think that they learned a thing or two. We’ll count that as a win for the 4th grade teachers! :)





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