Apples, Apples, Apples!

We have been working on a unit about apples at school the last couple of weeks.  First we started with apple tasting and graphing our favorite kind of apple.  I agree with Ryan!  Those Granny Smith apples are too sour!

IMG_1989 IMG_1988


After we tasted different kinds of apples and voted for our favorite, we used apples to make apple prints with paint!  By the way, Red Delicious was our favorite!

IMG_1995 IMG_1994


IMG_1992 IMG_1991

This is our finished product!  If you are at school be sure to check it out in the hallway!


Each month at school, we will be learning about a different skill in the Discipline With Purpose Program.  In the month of September we learned all about being a focused listener.  We made a booklet that taught us the six steps of listening.  Each month, I like to choose a student who demonstrates the skill we have learned at school.   This month I chose Jett Nation as our DWP Star!  Each month I will post the certificate on the door outside our room.  Be sure to take a peek!



“What Does Mommy Do When I Am In School?”

This month in our reading theme we are learning all about families.  We read a story called “What Will Mommy Do When I Am In School?”  I thought that was a very interesting question, so  I asked the boys and girls to tell me what you do when they are at school.  Here are the responses I received:

Eva – She works in St. Louis.

Chloe – She cleans up the living room.

Gianna – She works at J.C. Penny.

Ryan B. – She works at the monkey thing and gets all sweaty.

Austin – She cooks stuff.

Ryan D. – She delivers babies.

Harper – Watches t.v., drinks soda, and eats.

Ella – Mommy works at church.

Jack – She works, but I don’t know what she does.

Annie – She does her homework for school.

Alice – She goes to the store and gets vegetables.

Rusty – She does laundry.

Maddox – Mom is a nurse and goes to work.

Jett – She goes to the store and buys food.

Lucy – She goes to the store and buys me toys.

Madelyn – She works at the Health Department.

Peyton – Sometimes she goes to the gym.

Hailey – She works at the doctor’s office.

Noah – She works at high school.

Benjamin – She works at St. Claires.  She teaches patients.

Just as I expected, we have some very busy moms in our class!