Principal’s Corner
Be a Leaper, Not a Slider

Be a Leaper, Not a Slider

You may have recently heard your child say that he wants to be a “summer leaper”, not a “summer slider”.  A “summer leaper” is the term used for a child that gains in reading skills throughout the summer by continuing to read.  A “summer slider”, on the other hand, is used to describe a student who does not  read over the summer.  A student who does not read can actually lose some of the skills he has learned.  Please make sure that your child is a “leaper” not a “slider” this summer.  A great way to accomplish this is by participating in Evangelical School’s Summer Reading Program.  I would also recommend that you sign up your child  for Hayner Library’s Summer Reading Program.  The Hayner Program begins with sign up on Saturday, June 3rd, and ends on Friday, July, 7th. If you do not live in the Hayner Library district, your child may participate in your town’s public library program.