6th Grade Class at Cahokia Mounds

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Welcome to Mrs. Chapman’s 6th grade classroom!


 Hi!  My name is Mrs. Chapman.  I teach language arts and social studies to 6th graders.  This year I am also teaching 7th grade social studies, as well.  I’m in my 8th year of teaching at Evangelical School, and I must say, “I love my job!”  I enjoy sharing my passion for studying history with my students.  I love reading historical novels, traveling to new places, and watching movies and documentaries about people from other places and times in history.  I think it’s really cool that I get to share some of my historical “discoveries” with my students.  In the mornings in sixth grade, we will be studying ancient civilizations and learning about places such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  In the afternoons in seventh grade, we will be learning about the United States, particularly how our country started and who the people are who live here.  Teaching history is like going on an educational vacation each day.  We travel to new destinations and times, meet new characters along the way, and learn about how our world functions economically and socially.  I hope the students enjoy their “trip” this year!