Hello Ocotber

This year has started off with a great start. The students are excited about Computer Lab and so am I!


Fall is in full swing and so is the kiddos learning in the computer lab.

This month the Kindergarten students will be working on keyboarding and mouse usage. The students will be mastering the use of a mouse, scrolling appropriately, plus left and right clicking. The students will be using games on ABCya.com to complete this task.

1st grade will be using their classroom website to finish lessons 7-12. The lessons entail all internet etiquette including how to correctly play games, finish assignments, and search the internet.

2nd grade will be working on their typing skills and letter/keyboard recognition. The students’ lessons provide procedures to develop their typing stamina and WPM.

3rd -5th grade students will be going over proper procedures and Chromebook usage. The lessons include “How to Read a Webpage’, How to Evaluate a Website’, “Google Search Tips”, and using the Google 9 square in the classroom.

***This year all classes, Kindergarten through Fifth grade will be using the Desktop computers, coding computer software, coding with Ozobot robots, creating Google and Microsoft documents and developing better typing skills. The 4th-5th grade students will be 1 to 1 with the use of Chromebooks.

Computer Lab Newsletter

Evangelical Families,

During the month of September the Kindergarten students will be learning about computer parts, how to use the internet, and basic computer skills. 1st - 3rd grade will be typing and  working on projects. 4th-5th grade will be receiving their Chomebooks!! The students and myself are very excited for this! The students will be learning about Google Docs and how to use the Chromebook. I am requesting donations of Clorox Wipes and Kleenex for my classroom. I plan on continuing the cleaning of all the keyboards at the end of each day and that requires a fair amount of Clorox Wipes! Any donation is greatly appreciated!  Healthy students are the best students!

Thank you,

Ms. Jones