Camp DuBois

Last week, the Fifth Grade students made their annual trip to DuBois Center! The students always enjoy themselves and this year was no exception! They built Burma bridges (bridges made of rope) and then crossed them with help and encouragement from their classmates. The horse riding was a hit! The students learn to work together to each goals and become closer friends! The chaperones are always appreciated and they had fun too!!!!

Last week, we were blessed to have Ugandan Thunder stop by on Wednesday to visit with us and spend some time in class. We had Tracy, Zipporah (Zippy), and Allen visit with us.

The children enjoyed it immensely! They stayed for lunch and played at recess!!! We always love the sound “Thunder”! Here are some pics of the visit!

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 It’s Mrs. Long !!!!!!!


Well, I managed to pull off a HUGE surprise for the kids!  Our beloved Mrs. Long came all the way from O’Fallon and did a mini art lesson with the students!!!! They loved it!!! (So did she!) They built a sculpture to assist them in drawing. They used pipe cleaners, straws, and playdough!



September/October Update

I know that we are half way through September, but here is the update for the remainder of the September and all of October.

Next week we will finish up our study of the various Native American tribes with dioramas of the tribes. (Pics to follow once completed)

We will be finishing our chapter in math of adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals.

We have been learning about matter, mass and the properties of matter in Science and will be finishing that chapter next week.

In reading we will finish up the unit in the reading book and then begin a cross curricular reading The Sign of the Beaver. This will go along with our Native American unit in Social Studies. We will be writing a “How To” essay for grammar.

Camp DuBois will be here before we know it!!! The kids are pumped about camp and I am too!!!!! I LOVE camp!!!!

In October we will be finishing the quarter and having Parent/Teacher Conferences at the end of the month.

In Social Studies we will be learning about various explorers and how they explored new lands. In Nov. we will do a simulation as explorers and see if we “Survive” the trip.

In Math we will begin working on multiplication skills this will continue through November as well.

In Science we will explore forces and motion and how they effect movement.

I feel we have been having a great year and I am looking forward to an exciting rest of the year!!! Thank you for letting  me teach your children and allowing me to learn from them as well!!!!

My Classroom Website
Here is a link to my website with all the information for homework, spelling words, tests, and specials schedule!

Welcome to 5th Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Decker’s class!!! I am very excited and can’t wait to meet each and every one of you!!! I know we are going to have a phenomenal year!!!

Some things to look forward to this year is, of course, Camp DuBois, Trashformations, and Young Authors! We also will be doing more experiments in Science than in previous years.

We will begin this year in math with place value and move on from there. We will get into multi-digit multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, and some geometry.

Just a reminder that we will be having a picnic on Aug. 21st to observe the eclipse! I hope you will enjoy it with us!

We will have a fabulous year!!!!!