A New Classroom Behavior System!

I am beginning a new classroom behavior system in the classroom. We will be using classroom dojo. It allows me to reward good behavior and celebrate it while also correct unwanted behavior without disruption.

Please go to www.classdojo.com/CNBBRAS


You will need to set up an account and that should allow you to see the behaviors your child displayed throughout the day after I get all the kiddos entered in. You will be able to see only your child. Thank you in advance for your help and patience as we begin this new endeavor.

Mrs. Meghan Schrumpf came by and did mini art. She taught the children to make Christmas Wreaths. They had so much fun!

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To help usher in the winter season we created our own snowflakes!!!!

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We have also been learning about the colonies!

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Well, we are nearly half way through the year and Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching!!!! At this time of year we often reflect on what we are thankful for and I am thankful for a career that I love in a school that I love with students I love. Thank you all for making this year great so far and I look forward to the rest of the year going the same direction.

This month we have and will continue to work on our Young Authors Books. The students have been enjoying working on their new chromebooks and seem to be doing quite well. The chromebooks are a new tool that “we” (I mean me) are still adapting to using and utilizing.

If you haven’t been up to our hallway lately, you should stop by and see the timeline in progress. We are documenting this year of fifth grade with photos. So, just a reminder, if you have photos of any school activities that you can share, please send them to me via email and I will put them up on the wall.




The students are getting more and more excited about camp as the weeks progress!!! One more week and we will be there!


The students are doing great so far! We have been learning about decimals in math and have begun learning about addition properties as well. In Science we have been doing at least one experiment a week and learning about physical and chemical changes as well as the properties of matter. In Social Studies we are learning about the various tribes on Native Americans that were here in the U.S. We will be building dioramas of the villages next week. We are using cross curriculum and reading the Sign of the Beaver in Reading. The students are taking ownership of the novel by doing Lit Circles and reading a chapter at night and being ready to discuss it in their groups the next day.


Welcome to Mrs. Decker’s fifth grade page!! I am super excited about my students this year. I know it will be a great year and we will have many adventures. Fifth grade is a transition year. I am working with you and your student to prepare them for middle school. This year we will be going to Camp DuBois, learning many things academically, and growing together as a class family. We will begin this year using chrome books and learning new science curriculum. In math we will be starting the year with place value and work through multi digit multiplication and division. We also learn about fractions. In social studies we study American history.

Please check my page as well. Mrs. Decker’s Web Page!! This is where you will find our spelling words every week, homework, tests, and our specials schedule.

I am looking forward to a great year!!!!! Let’s do this!!!