Mrs. Gentelin


  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from SIUE
  • Has been teaching at Evangelical School for 14 years
  • Likes to read, shop, do crossword puzzles, watch tv, and rest


Our butterflies have arrived!! It’s been so exciting to see our caterpillars grow (quickly), become chrysalides, and then emerge as painted lady butterflies. We eagerly tracked their progress and waited for the day we could release them so they could start the process all over again.Amazing!!

IMG_2247 IMG_2227

IMG_2311 IMG_2306 IMG_2313

We have had such an amazing time learning about so many new things during Feature Teacher. Each students had the opportunity to take a turn at being the teacher for the day and choose one special topic to teach about. We learned about several animals, planted seeds, and bowled. We watched a geode be opened, toured an ambulance, petted a real lamb, and lots more. Everyone did a fantastic job.IMG_2305 IMG_2275 IMG_2253 IMG_2248 IMG_2235 IMG_2223 IMG_2221

We had a great trip to the Science Center! The Discovery Room was awesome. We saw live chickens and toured a combine. We learned about space and saw a show about electricity.

IMG_2174 - Copy IMG_2175 - Copy IMG_2176 - Copy IMG_2177 - Copy IMG_2178 - Copy IMG_2180 - Copy IMG_2181 IMG_2184 IMG_2185 IMG_2186

Spirit week was a lot of fun. We had a lot of great ideas for career day and I loved seeing the kids dressed in their best clothes on Wednesday. I took a picture of each one in front of the spirit week bulletin board. So cute!!

IMG_2131 IMG_2133 IMG_2151 IMG_2155 IMG_2157

We had a great time when Mississippi Mud Pottery came to school. We got to create clay masks and paint them. They will be fired and returned soon. I can’t wait to see the finished products. We also got to see how the potter uses his wheel to make various vessels. IMG_2119 IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2129 IMG_2110 IMG_2112

Our class loves a good Steam challenge. Recently we talked about balance and the center of gravity. We practiced balancing a cardboard tube on our hand. Next, students were challenged to create the tallest structure possible with a single block base using cups, craft sticks and wooden cubes. They came up with some very interesting solutions and had a lot of fun working together in groups to create balanced structures.

IMG-2097 IMG-2103 IMG-2105

One of our favorite times of the week is reading buddy time.

IMG-1957 IMG-1958 - Copy IMG-1955


We also like to write the room.IMG-1979 IMG-2029 IMG-2033 IMG-2034

The STEAM table is another favorite.

IMG-1944 IMG-1943 - Copy


Of course, recess is always one of the best times of the day.

IMG-1937 IMG-1938 IMG-1941 IMG-1945 IMG-1948


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We had so much fun on Valentine’s Day. The parents brought in balloons, games and treats.

On December 12, we Cuddled Up With a Critter and a Story. Many parents  and one grandparent came to class to share a favorite Christmas story with us while we cuddled on the floor with a blanket and a stuffie from home. IMG_1712IMG_1728IMG_1720IMG_1709

Even Mrs. Baalman read us a story.


We had a lot of fun with our reading buddies this month. They helped us paint a beautiful nativity picture.

IMG_1665 IMG_1672

They took us on a scavenger hunt to find our Christmas presents and then read them to us.IMG_1752IMG_1754



Our students did an amazing job at the Christmas program and they looked so nice in their holiday clothes!

IMG_1703 IMG_1702IMG_1704


In January, we explored magnets at the STEAM table and did an art project with magnets.

IMG_1799 - CopyIMG_1804 - Copy


Hooray!! We’ve been learning in kindergarten for 100 days and we’re 100 days smarter. This called for a BIG celebration!

We popped 100 balloons (with our bottoms), found 100 hidden kisses, received 100 “dollars” and wore our fabulous 100 day hats.

IMG_1893 - Copy IMG_1891 - Copy IMG_1890 - CopyIMG_1876

IMG_1867 - Copy IMG_1864 - Copy




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What a fun day!!