Mrs. Hawkins’ Newsletter-Written by the Students!


greece 3 greece 1

Our pen pals from Athens, Greece, holding the postcards we sent! We will be Skyping with them again soon.

Week of March 13, 2017

Written by Lauren & Myra






Spelling Words for next week: familiar, forehead, jeans, against, anxiety, easy, vaulted, rain, cafeteria, dinosaurs, Indians, throat, squeaky, house, marvelous, question, dream, details, disappointed, chairs, Bonus words- consciounsness

One new thing we learned this week:

One of our favorite things we did this week:

Week of March 6, 2017

Written by Jose, Lily, Myra

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We read Bridge to Terabithia chapter 1-4

Grammar: We did pronouns

Math: We started geometry. On 2-d and 3-d shapes. We are also working with angles

S.S.: We are stating on the Midwest states .Our quizzes are March 22-24

Science: we candled our eggs and wrote in our egg journals

Egg Update: we have 12 eggs they will hatch on the 23 , on day 2 blood vessels are joining to the heart and ears are forming , day 4 blood vessels look like a spider and you can see heart beating ,mouth, nose, tongue, and organs form .On day 8 we candled the eggs. we saw blood vessels, dark mass, and air cells. we put a hygrometer in the incubator to measure the humidity.

Spelling Words for next week: Our spelling words for this week are pieces, stories, activities,  eyes, puppies, circles, hooves, teeth, layer, savages, upstairs, wolves, friends, children, wonders, sneakers, invaders, trees, paws. Bonus word, coyotes and gorilla

Something new we learned this week: We learned what happens inside of an egg.

One of our favorite things we did this week: Candling the eggs

Week of February 20, 2017

Written by Maddie & Addie

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We finished Winn-Dixie. We took the over all.

Writing: We finished our candy grahms. We also wrote our Winn-Dixie book reports.

Math:  We learned  how to compare and order fractions, decimals, and mixed numbers. We have a ch. 14 test on Tuesday.

S.S.: We took our South 16 test and we all did great!

Science:  We took our ch.5 test over ecosystems.

Spelling Words for Next Week:  Our spelling words for next week are…….. walker, chalk, laws, stalk, bald, caught, drawn, halt, strawberry, fought, caller, half, straw, small, thought, talking, awe, shawl, false,and squall. Our challenge words are  wallpaper, and awkward.

One of the new things we learned this week: We learned about decimals.

One of our favorite things we did this week: We had our Winn-Dixie themed party.

Week of February 13, 2017

Written by:

*Due to computer problems, Mrs. Hawkins will give the spelling words for next week:)

1. flower 2. voices 3. tower 4. mound 5. cowboy 6. gown 7. frown 8. south 9. howling 10. annoy 11. noises 12. pound 13. hound 14. pouch 15. thousand 16. wound 17. grouch 18. cough 19. grown 20. voyage

Week of February 6, 2017

Written by:

Here’s what we did this week beside celebrating Mrs. Hawkins’ birthday! bday gifts bday plaquebday fruit







Spelling Words for next week: 1. should 2. zoom 3. tunes 4. brooks 5. you’ll 6. wool 7. mood 8. suits 9. crew 10. spool 11. stool 12. cookie 13. food 14. used 15. grew 16. group 17. stoop 18. move 19. stew 20. huge

One thing new we learned this week:

One of our favorite things we did this week:

Week of January 30, 2017

by Lily & Audrey

Here’s what we did this  week:

Reading: we read Winn-Dixie and took our reading test over `1-5

Math: In math we took our test over chapter 13 it was all about mixed and improper fractions .

S.S.: In class we are learning the south 16 states and capitals

Science: In science we played a fun game and the next day we took the test about how plants and animals reproduce and how they adapt to their environment

One new thing we learned this week: in math we learned about mixed fractions and improper fractions.

One of our favorite things we did this week: We watched  two movies since we had a lot of tests.

Our spelling words for next week: Our spelling words for next week are funnier, families, pennies, worried, replied, varied, marries, carries, easily, silliest, jumpier, emptier, merrier, cries, cozily, sorriest, prettily, lazier, happiest, dizziest, handily, factories.

Congratulate to Young Authors Jose and Lauren!

Week of January 23,

by Andrew & Addison

Here’s what we did this week:

Reading: We read  My Brother Martin

Math: we did equivalent fractions

S.S.; We took our states and capitals test

Science: we looked at owl pellets

Spelling Words for next week: tasted ripping forced flipping tapped flipped cared flagged ripped skipped tapping saved skipping caring flagging discussed saving tasting forcing discussing outwitted underscoring

One new thing we learned this week: equivalent fractions

One of our favorite things we did this week: looking at owl pellets

Week of Jan. 16, 2017

by Maddie and Lily

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We finished Sarah, Plain and Tall .

Writing: We are finishing our Dr. Suess poems and character.

Math: We are learning fractions.

S.S.: We took our chapter 4 and 5 test.

Science: We are learning about parts of a plant and how plants and animals adapt

Spelling: We learned silent letters

Spelling Words for Next Week:

One new thing we learned this week: We learned about factions.

One of our favorite things we did this week: We reviewed  our social studies with hot potato.

Week of Jan. 10, 2017

by Lily and Addie

Reading: We read Sarah, Plain and Tall. Ch. 4, 5, and 6

Writing: We started our Dr. Suess characters and stories.




Week of January 3, 2017

by Jose, Will, & Addie

Here’s what we learned this week!

Reading: We  are reading Sarah, Plain, and Tall. We have read chapters 1-3

Spelling: We learned about compound words.

Grammar: We did main verbs and helping verbs.

Math: We learned about function tables, number patterns, and equations.

Science: We are learning how to classify plants and animals. We also learned about the parts of a plant.

S.S.: We are practicing our states and capitals. We have a NE states and capitals song to the tune of shake it off

One new thing we learned this week: We learned a bit if geometry in math.

One of our favorite things we did this week: We drew and labeled parts of a flower in science.

Next week’s spelling words: Next weeks words are……. clams, mints, props, arches, dresses, parents, caves, glasses, hobbies, engines, couches, arrows, enemies, babies, ranches, patches, mistakes, berries, mosses, armies. The challenge words are…. batteries, compasses



Kindness Tree

Our Kindness Tree. We have “unwrapped” a gift every day to do.

Day 1: Do an act of kindness at home; Day 2: Make Christmas cards for a nursing home (delivering those Wednesday!); Day 3: Compliment a classmate; Day 4: Show your appreciation for the Principal; Day 5: Show your appreciation for the custodians; Day 6: Show your appreciation for the office workers. We have 4 more days to go!

Mannequin Challenge

Our Elf, Jolly Rodgers, tp’d our class so we had to work around the room, Thursday, Dec. 1st.!

elf 1 elf 2


December 2, 2016

by Lily & Myra

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We read a folk tale called the Roadrunner Dance the lesson was that you should not be a bully to others

Grammar: We did present tense verbs

Writing: we are writing our letters to our pen palls from cadiz, Spain

Spelling: this week we learned /ur/ words




One new thing we learned this week:

One of our favorite things we did this week:

Our spelling words for next week: center once dance bridge badge cement glance strange police certain orange ginger wedge arrange sponge village ounce germs spice circus

November 22, 2016

by Myra and Lily

Here’s what we did this short week!

Reading:   We are doing our reading groups.

Writing: We are doing are Great Grandchild Letters.

Math: We are doing two digits in multiplying , but in three ways

S.S:  We are took a test on chapter 6 on how Illinois became a state.

Science: we finished our science fair projects and we all got 1st place.

Spelling Words for next week: dirty, purse, birth, curl, curve, curb, person, shirt, worse, hurl,

twirl, swirl, herb, turkey, turnip, purpose, blurred, sternly,  serpent  challenge words spurt, further

November 18, 2016

by Jose and Myra

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We read How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning, and we also learned fact and opinion.

Spelling: We had our unit 2 review words and we don’t have any words next week.

Writing: We are writing letters to our future great grandchild.

Math: We learned how to multiply 2 digits times 2 digits.

S.S.: We learned about how Illinois became a state on December 3, 1818, and we have a test on Tuesday November 22, 2016

Science: We finished our Science Fair projects , it was so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One new thing we learned this week: We learned about how poorly the Indians were treated ,and that we should of been more nicer to them.

One of our favorite things we did this week: David’s mom came in and did a mini art with us on Thursday, it was so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some things we are thankful are: family, cheeseballs, Jesus, home, family, food, dogs, the world, family, Ugandan Thunder, life , books, all the teachers, baby bro, teacher, shelter.

by Lauren and Nathan

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We read Dear Mr. Winston this week we enjoyed reading.







One new thing we learned this week:

Our favorite thing we did this week:

Spelling words for next week: Unit 2 Review: stove, goal, mows, chemical, checkers, theater, arch, ketchup, cheap, wherever, graph, brush, these, threaten, strictly, screech, shrimp, throat, charcoal, forecast

November 4, 2016

by Lauren & David

Here’s what we did this week!

Grammer: Single & Plural Possessive Nouns

Spelling: or and ar words

Math: Multiplying by one digit using Standard Form, Break it Apart, and Lattice

S.S.: Took a test over Ch. 5 Pioneers

Science: Science Fair Projects

Reading: Finished Call it Courage and watched the movie

One new thing we learned this week: Find the Basic Fact in math

Our favorite thing we did this week: Watch Call it Courage

Spelling Words for next week: gear scare fear cheer rear stair airfare career spear beard area appear yearly tear mere snare compare spare hear lair Challenge Words: sincere, staircase

October 27, 2016

by Maddie & Lily

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We read chapter four  call it courage.

Grammar: We learned singular and plural nouns

Spelling:  We had consonant clusters

Writing: We wrote our mascot speeches

Math: We learned multiplying 10, 100, 1,000

S.S.: We did our covered wagons

Science: We had a science test on motion

One thing we learned this week: We learned multiples and factors

One of our favorite things we did this week: Painting pumpkin in mini art

Our Spelling Words for next week: door, dart, fort, morning, carpet, ford, core, cord, spark,

award, smart, change, worn, argue, stormy, bore, guard, ward, barnyard, charcoal, forecast

October 21, 2016

by Andrew & Joselyn

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We just finished reading chapter 3 in Call It Courage Mafatu got washed up on a luxuriant island, but come to find out it belonged to the Eaters of Men!

Grammar: This week we learned about singular plural nouns

Spelling: This week our spelling words were consonant clusters

Writing: This we are writing are class mascot speeches

Math: This week we learned about factors and multiples, and we took our test this week

S.S.:  This week we learned about pioneers, and we will be making covered wagons

Science: We learned about speed  this week, and that distance can be divided by time

A new thing we learned this week: in our Call it Courage story we learned lime juice can help a coral scratch

Our favorite thing we did this week: Learning about different birds, and feeling cool bird feathers!

Spelling Words for Next Week: rush, northern, brush, shed, thanks, washer, photo, graph, whole, these, fifth, whisk, thirty, bother, shove, phrase, headphones, width, nowhere, whirl. Bonus words are theater, and wherever

October 13, 2016

by Addie & Finn

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: We just read chapters one and two of the book Call it Courage.A  huge wave hit Mafatu, but after thet, Mafatu found land.

Grammar: We learned about common and proper nouns.

Spelling: Our spelling words for next week are: shred, through, sprout, sprawl, split, throb, throat, shrink, screw, shrimp, screech, straighten, sprang, shriek, splashing, straps, strain, strand, script,and thrill. Our challenge words are: threaten,and strictly.

Math: We started to recite our multiplication facts. this week we recited 0-5, next week we will recite 6-10 facts.

S.S. We learned about the French and Indian war.

Science: We learned about motion and force.

Writing: We wrote our personal narratives.They were about an adventure each of us has had.

One new thing we learned this week:

Our favorite thing we did this week:

October 5, 2016

Aliens Have Landed!!

The class researched planets in our solar system and created an alien from that world to come and visit planet Earth. They had to research not only facts about the planet, but also how old their alien would be both on Earth and on its planet, as well as what material they would use for their alien that best represents how it has adapted to its environment. They then had to create passports for their aliens. They are intergalactic travelers after all! They enjoyed the project and did a fantastic job on their aliens and passports.

Alien 6 - Copy Alien 1 - Copy Alien 2 - Copy Alien 3 - Copy Alien 4 - Copy Alien 5 - Copy Alien 7 Alien 8 Alien 9

The Ugandan Thunder kids are back in town and came to visit our classroom Oct. 5th! Thank you to Tim, Suzie& Addie  Sandifer and Tina & Finn Murphy for the cool idea and making it happen and also to Nora, Laticia, Jeremiah, and Mark of Ugandan Thunder.



by Will, Audrey, & Nathan

First, we would like to take a moment to remember Officer Blake Snyder, a former Evangelical graduate, who tragically lost his life on duty yesterday in St. Louis. He was a man of faith, a loving husband and father, and someone who strove to always help others. He will be missed but never forgotten.We ask God to help his family and will keep them in our prayers.

Here’s what we did this week!

Reading: in reading we started reading a book called Call it Courage. We read chapter one, which was really good.

Math: In math we learned multiplication and division facts 0-5.

Science: in science we presented our aliens  and their names. We also read our passports to the class and they learned something about our planet and alien.

S.S.: in S.S we learned

Spelling & Grammar:


Spelling Words for Next Week: choose, kitchen, marching ,touch, chatter, sketched, chant,

chance, branch, hitch, ketchup, cheap, chopped, latch, chef, patch, snatch, arch, stretching, pitcher

Challenge Words: chemical, checkers

New thing we learned this week:

Favorite thing we did this week:

by Nathan & Audrey


We would like to thank Mrs. Reese for the cool dream catchers we made in Mini Art today!

*Due to other activities we will finish the newsletter on Monday, Oct. 3. The spelling words for next week are a review from Unit 1.

Spelling Words: grim, plum, cash, neigh, rail, slate, pale, bail, squeak, thief

                              chief, please, sleek, inside, minding, kite, shy, climb, chose, roasting

                              Challenge Words: neighbor, motor

by Myra & Lauren/ Seashell and Harmony


Reading: we fin1shed reading  ” The Raft ” this week

Math: we learned how to subtract zeros and regroup zeros+learn the M+M way/mental math.

Writing: We wrote something like our story The Raft

Grammar: We learned Complex sentences , simple , conpound

S.S.: we learned about  different indian tribes

Science: WE had TEST!

Spelling Words from Next Week’s Story, “The Astronaut and the Onion.”

file, drive , kite ,pies , die , wipe , inside ,  height , pride , spy

sigh , shy, prime , sly , pry , climb , minding , fright , twice , slight , highway , wildlife.

One of the new things we learned this week was: We all got to get our dog tags for Reading Reawards!

One of our favorite things we did this week was: When we started doing our reading website  David  has already 700 min that means 7 dog beads!

by Finn & Nathan/egg and bama

Here’s what we learned last week!

Check out our video singing “Flood” by Jars of Clay at worship last week!Flood Video

Science:We learned about thermal energy/heat energy

Math:we learned how to do mental math!

Social Studies:we made indian homes.IMG_2966 IMG_2967 IMG_2968

Grammar:We learned about compound sentences

Spelling Words for our story “The Raft.”

goal, mole, stone, stove, chose, own, fold, flow, mold, toll,

groan, stole, foam, mows, roasting, lower, sole, blown, bolt, quote

Challenge Words: coaster, motor

One new thing we learned this week was:how to make compound  sentences

Our favorite thing this week was:Building Indian Homes.

9.9.16                                                                                           By:Maddie and Lily

Here is what we learned this week!

Math: This week in math we learned rounding in the thousands and millions place. We also took a math test on rounding, ordering thousands and millions.

Reading: This week we read ”A Walk in the Desert”. We did a worksheet  about the main idea and details.

Grammar: In grammar we learned about simple and complete subjects and predicates. We learned how a simple subject is a noun at the beginning of a sentence. And a simple predicate is the verb showing action.

S.S.: This week we had a S.S. test. We played a game called ”the bell game” witch is like family feud.

Science: This week in science we learned about sound energy. We also learned about light energy.

Spelling Words: Next week our spelling words are beam, tea, chief, squeak, peep, weep, sleek, heal,

tease, thief, deal, please, leak, league, reef, deed, feet, breathe, speech, wheeze. Bouns words are freedom and appeal.

One thing new we learned this week: simple and complete subject and predicate and rounding thousands and millions

Our favorite thing we did or learned this week was: Our favorite thing we did was playing ”The Bell” in S.S.

by Joselyn & Maddie

Place Value-a video review from another teacher on place value


Here is what we learned this week!

Math: This week in math we did our mid chapter quiz. Also we just started rocket math we`re rocketing high into math

Reading: We read Mystery of the missing lunch. We took a reading test on it.

S.S.: We learned about natural and human features and we learned that prairies use to cover Illinois

Science: We learned about kinetic and potential energy, and we and learned about sound energy

Writing: This week and next week we`re writing a mystery story

Grammar: We learned about writing correct sentences and punctuation

Spelling Words from next week’s story “A Walk in the Desert”: pale, face,crate ,clay ,stray,cane,slate,today,bail,rail,break,ache,drain,faint,flame, claim, steak, neigh, mane, graze. Challenge words: neighbor, railway

One thing we learned this week: We learned how to do economy

Our favorite thing we did or learned this week: Spelling Basketball

by:Addison and Sammy


Here is what we have learned so far this week!

Math:  This week we learned place value to the hundred millions.

Reading:   In reading we did readers theater. We did Annelise the animal detective,who took the cake,the haunted tree house, and the decrunchy code.

S.S.   We learned where Illinois is on the map, the geography of Illinois,and we are learning about the way the glaciers formed the grand canyon.

Science:  We learned about drafts and are making draft detectors,but first we have to find a draft in the classroom.

Writing:  This week in writing we are writing summer summaries about the things we did over the summer.

The best thing we like about 4th grade so far is:  Our favorite thing this week is science and writing.

One thing we learned is:  One thing we learned was place value.

Spelling Words for next week’s story: The Mystery Lunch-sum,flat,plum,bell,grim,plot,band,bluff,dock,blot,odd,left,cash,mill,past,shelf,weath,crunch,hint,build Challenge Words:heavy,shovel

“Do you want to know who you are?  Don’t ask.  Act!  Action will delineate and define you.”  Thomas Jefferson