Mrs. Helfrich’s Third Grade

All Things New

Although January has surprised us with some unexpected weather, we are braving the cold and learning new things in new ways in Mrs. Helfrich’s third grade.  The students have been introduced to U.S. history, reviewed timelines and dates with a fun “Sink or Swim” game (fun because they got to sit on their desks for a short period, and performed a Civil War reader’s theatre.


IMG_0497 But the new learning experiences are most fascinating when the students can make and observe different processes.  As we discuss weather concepts, we get to watch our own water cycle.  Somehow weather doesn’t bother us much (even potential ice storms) when enjoying new activities in the classroom,

Christmas Around the World and in Our Community

Although December is a busy  month for all, Mrs. Helfrich’s third graders found time to give back to the community and to celebrate this special holiday.  It was exciting to see the enthusiasm of the students and the involvement of the residents of Blue Fountain Nursing Home when we surprised them with caroling and cookies.  The firefighters from across the street were not forgotten either.  We are thankful for all who serve our community in such profound ways.Caroling at the Blue Fountain Nursing Home



The third grade students learned a lot about other cultures throughout the year, but at Christmas we held a special celebration.  After completing a study on Christmas around the world, we had a feast with multicultural dishes and drinks prepared by the parents.  Trying new things with your peers is always more fun and tastes great!FullSizeRender (1)IMG_0495


Spotlight on Third Grade

What I Like About Me

Third grade has started with positive thinking!  The students had a hard time choosing just one body part they like about themselves.  However, once they did, their writing showed how grateful they are for the way God has created them. “Hands do a lot of stuff, like pick up food, and they can write.” “I like my feet.  They can be small, but help me walk the hall to hug my mom.” “Without my eyes I wouldn’t see.”  “My lips are what I use to sing.” This short writing is posted in our classroom to remind us that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made”.