Field Day




What a great time we had on field day! We are wrapping up a wonderful school year with a day of dance parties, games, and snacks! We had so much fun! We wish everyone a safe and  memorable summer!!!


Our class celebrated March by studying famous American women. We made posters and put them in the hall to display. We learned about people like Annie Oakley, Hellen Keller, and Judy Garland.



imageimageimage2nd grade is learning all about 3 dimensional shapes in math! We started off our unit with making our own shapes!

Our class recently had a guest teacher  come to teach imageabout the color wheel and pointillism. We had so much fun learning the technique and creating these pictures!image

image2nd grade is reading the book, “Officer Buckle and Gloria” by Peggy Rathman. We each wrote about a safety tip and reasons why the tip was important! image

Second grade recently finished reading the story,”Chocolate Fever” & celebrated with a chocolate party while watching “Willy Wonka.” We had so much fun!image


Hi, I am Crystal Kraut. I live in Jerseyville with my husband and my 5 year old son. Evangelical has been my home for 9 years now. I love teaching in a Christian environment and the support from the families that I get here. I feel so blessed to be placed here at this school. I believe it’s gonna be a great year!

Flat Stanley
It has been tradition here in the second grade at Evangelical to spend time learning about communities around the world, specifically about how people are the same and how they are different.  This year we are going to use one of our favorite books, Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, to do so.  This week in class we will begin reading the book, which is about a young boy named Stanley who is accidentally squished “as flat as a pancake” when a bulletin board falls on him.  Stanley is very, very flat but otherwise fine.  The story goes on to tell how Stanley discovers some real advantages to being flat.  Stanley’s family did not have enough money to send him on a train or plane to visit a friend in California, so they decided to fold him up and put him in an envelope and mail him.  Our class has decided that we would like to do the same with our “Flat Stanleys”, sending them all over the United States and even the WORLD.

Flat Stanleys