Mrs. LeBrun’s 2nd Grade Class


welcome to 2nd grade

Hello!  My name is Jessica LeBrun.  I teach second grade at Evangelical School.

We work very hard in second grade.  I have high expectations for each one of my students, and I try my best to equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

Please enjoy scrolling through the posts below.  They are just a small example of the wonderful things we do in our class.


End-of-the-Year Reading Club

As we are wrapping up second grade, my students are participating in a reading club.  They have been split into reading groups, given reading briefcases, and a choice of many different books to read.  Each group chooses a book to read, they discuss the book, take notes about the book, and then finish by completing a comprehension activity of their choice.  The finished project is placed in their briefcase, and then the group chooses a new book to start the process all over again.  The students have enjoyed reading club so much this year that I have had to expand our time from 45 minutes to 75  minutes a day.  They are reading machines! :)

20170517_112039 20170518_115315 20170518_115323

20170517_112035 20170517_112028 20170517_110209

20170518_115327 20170519_113843 20170519_113855

Reader’s Theater

Every spring my second grade class takes part in a Reader’s Theater.  The students are placed in groups and given scripts to practice.  They are also given random materials to make costumes and props and are put in charge of decorating their own backdrop for their play.  The students spend a lot of time to preparing for their Reader’s Theater.  It is a fun, collaborative learning experience for all!  At the end of the week, the students perform their plays for their classmates.  Then they get to make invitations to take home so they can invite their parents to come watch “the show.”  Below are pictures showing the various stages of our Reader’s Theater:

20170504_114532 20170504_114539 20170504_114545 20170504_114553

Practicing their scripts

20170502_114841 20170502_114825 20170502_114818

Making masks, costumes, and props

20170503_110157 20170503_110205 20170503_110217

Decorating their backdrops

20170505_111728 20170505_112749 20170505_113710 20170505_114429

Performing for their classmates

Women’s History Projects

In March, we studied famous women in history.  The students were then split into groups, given a biography to read, and assigned the task of creating a poster that highlighted their famous woman.  This was a great experience for the students in learning how to work together to complete a task.  They had lots of fun and created wonderful posters!


20170331_115001  20170330_115615  20170330_115546

  20170330_115507  20170330_115433  

      20170330_111945  20170330_111913  20170330_111156

    20170328_115337  20170328_115319  20170328_115245

Fun with Science

We have been studying matter in science.  We have discussed many things about matter, but we are currently discussing how different forms of matter can be combined to make things, such as a building or a bridge.  Students were given the task to create a bridge that would hold a Matchbox car without collapsing.  It was great watching them work together to come up with their designs.

20170306_140956 20170306_141007 20170306_141018

20170306_141157 20170306_141047 20170306_141122

20170306_141223 20170306_141402 20170306_141537

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

We did a lot of fun things in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  We decorated birthday cakes (he would be 113 years old if he were still alive), made “Cat in the Hat” hats with our cursive spelling words, and wrote book reports about our favorite Dr. Seuss books.  We then finished the week with a “Snack and Chat” where students partnered up to discuss their favorite Dr. Seuss books while enjoying a snack.

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! :)

20170227_144134 20170228_153422 20170306_133942

20170302_100407 20170302_100415 20170302_100426

20170302_100447 20170302_100454

We love our grandparents!

In honor of our annual grandparents’ lunch, we have written essays describing our wonderful grandparents.

20170227_145159     20170227_145215

20170227_145227     20170227_145235

Fun with 3-Dimensional Figures

20170222_141816     20170222_141941

20170222_141959     20170222_142247

20170223_134303     20170223_134311

20170223_134319     20170223_134326

Valentine’s Day Fun

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a fun party in our classroom.  Each student brought in a special box for their cards and treats.  They were very excited to deliver their cards to their friends’ boxes.  We then played a lot of fun games – one of which involved stacking heart candies as fast and high as they could in a 45 second time period.  They had so much fun and kept begging to play again! :)

20170214_140051    20170214_140658

20170214_140907     20170214_142211

20170214_142220     20170214_142248

Famous Black American Reports

In honor of Black History Month, our 2nd grade students have written reports about Famous Black Americans.  We have displayed copies of our reports in our hallway, but the original reports with hand-drawn portraits are on display in the kids’ space at the library at Alton Square Mall.

20170203_183147     20170203_183231

20170203_183312     20170203_183333

20170131_140428     20170131_140407

20170131_140446     20170131_140459

20170131_140510     20170131_140520

20170131_140531     20170131_140543