Mrs. LeBrun’s 2nd Grade Class


welcome to 2nd grade

Hello!  My name is Jessica LeBrun.  I teach second grade at Evangelical School.

We work very hard in second grade.  I have high expectations for each one of my students, and I try my best to equip them with the tools they need to be successful.

Please enjoy scrolling through the posts below.  They are just a small example of the wonderful things we do in our class.



Here is a fun mini-art project we did after learning about Andy Warhol:


Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Elliott for preparing and teaching this fun lesson!

We are thankful for……


Election Day

We had our very own election in our classroom this year.  We researched two authors – Jan Brett and Kevin Henkes.  The students learned about each author, read their books, and discussed their favorite illustrations.  Then they were able to vote for the author that they wanted to write a letter to.  We had our own voting box and “I Voted” stickers.  Jan Brett won the election 18 votes to 4.  Each student then wrote a letter to Jan Brett, and we are now anxiously waiting for her response. :)

20171107_144101  20171107_144106

20171107_144112  20171107_144140  20171107_144522


Flat Stanley

Our Flat Stanleys have started to return to us :)


Happy Halloween!

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween!


20171031_144158 20171031_144203 20171031_144218

Field Trip to Alton Hayner Library

We were invited to go on a field trip to Hayner Library at the mall.  The students were given a short presentation that explained how to get a library card and fun activities offered at the library.  They were then given a tour of the library and were allowed to look at and read books.  They had lots of fun and learned new things about the library.

20171017_105352 20171017_105356 20171017_105400 20171017_105404 20171017_105434 20171017_105515

Animal Reports

We just finished a science unit on animals.  We learned all about mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and insects.  Each student picked an animal to write a research paper on.  The finished projects turned out very nicely.


  20170929_165811  20170929_165820  20170929_165827


One of our parents taught us about pointillism.  She gave each student a piece of Georges Seurat’s painting A Sunday Afternoon.  Each student used pointillism to fill in their piece, and then she put all of them together to make the whole picture.  It turned out great!


Welcome Fall!

We made fall trees to help welcome in the new season.