We read several stories about Corduroy the bear in class.  Each child said what they would do if they had their very own Corduroy.

Lia – Jump on the trampoline

Wyatt – Play with him

Ryleigh – Jump on a trampoline

Renae – Swing with him

Ethan – Play Xbox with him

Seth – Play on the playground

Lincoln – Play outside with him

Finley – Pull feathers out of the sofa with him

Jaxon – Play at the park

Cal – Play with him on the Xbox 360

Sebastian – Snuggle with him

Hallie – Watch “Ghostbusters” with him

Lauren – Sleep with him

Alexis – Always play with him

Logan – Play video games every night

Jacob – Play on Xbox with him all day

Adelynn – Jump on the trampoline

Brady – Pretend he is Santa

Aidan – I would play Playstation 4

Adrienne – Play Xbox

On Valentine’s Day each child got their very own Corduroy to take home.  They were so excited.  It was a lot of fun!




Family Project!!!



We read the story “Snowmen At Night” by Caralyn Buehner and then sent home a snowman for the children to imagine what snowmen did at night.  The children and their families came up with some great ideas.  We have snowmen sledding, playing baseball, dancing, skating and more.  What a wonderful imagination this class has!!!!

Fabulous Fall!




We have been working hard and having a lot of fun this fall in kindergarten.  We had a visit from the firefighters, went on a leaf hunt, had an all school Thanksgiving feast and so much more.


On election day we read a story called “Duck for President” and voted for who we wanted to be president – duck or farmer.  Duck won by a landslide.

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September Fun!


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We have had a very busy first full month of school.  One of our favorite things to do is practice our skills in math and language work stations.  We have been learning about the 5 senses in science and using all of our senses while we conduct our experiments.  Mrs. Baalman, our principal, came and read a special story to our class.  Kindergarten is a great place to be!


Chicka Chicka BOOM! BOOM!


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Whew!  It has been a whirlwind week in kindergarten.  We are off to a GREAT start!  We have been working on the classroom rules and the first 2 DWP (Discipline with Purpose) skills.  We have been practicing those rules and skills during centers, recess, reading, math and science.  Our story this week was Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom by Bill Martin Jr.  We read the story together, made predictions and retold the story.  A lot of fun and learning in the first week of school!

no recolorWelcome to Mrs. Long’s Kindergarten class.  Everyday the children engage in developmentally appropriate, hands on activities to help them meet their social, emotional, physical and academic needs.  The children learn math skills and early reading and writing skills in an age appropriate ways. The classroom and the teaching methods are structured in a way to meet the individual needs of the student and respect for the diverse school community.  There is a large emphasis on teaching God’s word through worship, religion classes and day to day classroom activities.  The gospel, example and love of Jesus are woven into everything that we do at our school.  If you ever have a question about our curriculum or my class, please call the school or send an email to me at – blong@evangelical-school. org. It is going to be a great year!