Mrs. McRae



  • Bachelor of Science in Education from Greenville College
  • Has been teaching at Evangelical School for 6 years
  • Likes to spend time with her babies – Grady & Rory


Field Trip Fun

Thanks to the Every Kid in a Park initiative, we were able to take a free field trip to the Audubon Center and Riverlands. This field trip allowed us to take part in several fun activities including; a live reptile show, a canoeing adventure on the Mississippi River, a live history show about Lewis and Clark, and a presentation about the national parks and federal lands in the United States. Another perk of the Every Kid in the Park initiative is that every 4th grade student and their families get FREE access into ANY nation park in the United States ALL summer! This is pretty awesome, considering that some of the national parks are pretty costly to get into.


Our computers got a makeover…meet the new Olivia :)

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As you can tell we had a pretty great time, the weather was beautiful, and I think that they learned a thing or two. We’ll count that as a win for the 4th grade teachers! :)

3…2…1…BLAST OFF!

In Science last month we researched the planets in our Solar System. Each group had to research their planet, present their findings to the class, and create an alien that could survive on their planet. They had to decide what adaptations their aliens should have and why they had them. When they were finished with their research and building their aliens, they had to create a passport for their alien so they could come to planet Earth. I always enjoy seeing their aliens and hearing why they chose the adaptations they did. This year we put our Chromebooks to good use for both the research and typing the passports. Below are pictures of each group’s alien and passport. Thankfully the International Space Commission and the United States Government granted each alien permission to visit planet Earth. I heard that all of our visitors enjoyed their time here at Evangelical. They said that our students are the smartest in the Milky Way Galaxy!

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“Greetings Earthlings. We believe that the students and teachers at Evangelical Elementary are the best in the universe. Thank you for allowing us to visit.”-Dactoeva, from planet Saturn.

STEM WEEK (2-25-18)

We spent an entire week testing out our engineering skills during what I like to call “STEM Week”. I challenged the students to build bridges out of popsicle sticks, create an army man launcher, and a contraption that would protect and raw egg when dropped off of the atrium balcony and the gym roof. I must saw I am always pleasantly surprised by their creativity, teamwork, and engineering skills!

For the bridge project they were given 25 large popsicle sticks and 3 feet of tape. They were required to build a bridge that would span 1 foot and hold the most weight. To make it a little more interesting they also needed to be aesthetically pleasing. We took a class vote to choose the best looking bridge; it turns out, the winning bridge was also the bridge that held the most weight!

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For the army man launcher they were given 3 feet of tape, 3 feet of yarn, a plastic spoon, 2 rubber bands, 6 popsicle sticks, a dixie cup, and of course an army man. They could use these materials to try to be the team to launch their army man the farthest. We had 4 trials so each team member could launch once. The team who launched the farthest the most times won. They really enjoyed this project! They were very clever with their use of the materials!

Our final project was the egg drop. This is always my favorite STEM project. The students were instructed to gather recyclable materials from home that could be used to protect their eggs during the drop. First we dropped the eggs from the balcony in the atrium. 5 of the 8 egg contraptions were successful in the first drop. The teams were then allowed to make modifications for the second drop off of the gym roof. Amazingly only 1 team had their egg break! Much to our surprise it was the contraption with the most padding, we think that they egg fell out of the container inside before being dropped.

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We always have fun with STEM week! I am planning another one closer to the end of the year! :)


Meet the McRae Twins (2-15-18)


I had the privilege of welcoming two sweet, perfectly healthy, twin boys into this crazy world! God certainly did bless us! We are so in love. Meet Rory (on the left) and Grady (on the right). I have been back from my maternity leave for about a month now and I am so glad to be back! I miss my boys like crazy but I LOVE teaching, it’s what I was called to do!

We have done TONS of fun things since I came back. We read the novel Because of Winn-Dixie, had a whole week dedicated to STEM, we’re learning about fractions and decimals, we took our first states and capitals test over the North East, we are currently studying the Southern states, we are working on a research project to celebrate Robert Wadlow’s 100th birthday, and I launched my Google Classroom this week (Ms. Smith and I are super excited)! It’s been a busy four weeks!

Keep a look out for my posts about Because of Winn-Dixie, STEM, and our Robert Wadlow projects! :)

October has been a fun month in 4th grade! (10-24-17)

We started out the month with our trip to Springfield. Even though it was a chilly and rainy day, we had a great time! The students saw the State Capitol building with all of its murals, statues, marble, gold leaf, and chandeliers. It is such a beautiful building! We were able to visit the Illinois State History museum for the first time in several years; it isn’t nearly as cool as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, but it is still really cool! They have an entire floor dedicated to the Native Americans where they have a lot of artifacts and life-sized displays of what Native American life looked like. We also visited Lincoln’s tomb, the old state capitol building and the Abraham Lincoln Museum. It was a long day, but we learned a lot and had a great time!

We had several visitors come to our room this month. One of the visitors was Mrs. Reeves from the Madison County CAREE Program. She visits our classroom 4 times a year and discusses agriculture in the Madison County area. Our first visit was all about the crops that Illinois is known for. Our next visit is right after Thanksgiving and it will be about the livestock raised here in Illinois.

My husband, Patrick McRae, also came to visit our classroom this month. One of his many hobbies is to collect and research Native American artifacts. He has several cases full of artifacts that he brings in and shares with the 4th grade classes. The students really enjoy this presentation because they get to touch and see the artifacts that we discuss in Social Studies class. How cool to touch something from so long ago!!

Our last visitor was from the US Army Corps of Engineers at the National Great Rivers Museum. A ranger came in and talked to us about the Bonkers for Birds contest. This is an art contest just for 4th graders in our area. The ranger presented information on bird adaptations and methods for bird identification then the students are asked to choose a bird species to research. Our bird is the Red-headed Woodpecker. The students have completed their research and are working on their bird drawings in hopes to be chosen for the Bonkers for Birds Field Guide book. The winner from each class will have their research and drawing published in the book, I will post the winner when they are chosen later this year.

So far we have been very busy in the 4th grade, we look forward to the rest of the school year and all the fun projects coming our way.




Meet Mrs. McRae (8-25-17)

patrick and i

Hello, my name is Marissa McRae and this is my 5th year teaching 4th grade at Evangelical Elementary. I love what I do, where I work, and the people that I work with; I am a very lucky girl! I graduated from Greenville College in December of 2011 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in and Special Education, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

My husband Patrick and I got married in September of 2015 and bought our first house in Rosewood Heights. We have known eachother since we were in high school and dated for more than seven years before we were married.  We are so excited to be welcoming TWIN BOYS this fall! Our lives are going to be turned upside down with their arrival, but we couldn’t be happier! We have a very fluffy (often mistaken for fat) cat named Monza, named after my favorite cars the Corvair Monza. We are very excited for what the future has in store for us!

I am really looking forward to this school year! I know that I will be missing part of it with the arrival of our baby boys, but I know we will have a great year! I love teaching 4th grade, the topics that we cover and the projects that we do are so much fun! I hope that I will get to continue living my dream, being a teacher, and I hope that I have many more years here at Evangelical! I look forward to meeting and working with you and your child!