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Evangelical Family,

As the school year races to the finish, several events featuring music are popping up. This includes a Middle School Performance featuring band, choir, and the theater club, the Drama Lllamas, Friday March 10 at 7pm in the sanctuary.

Also, in-class rehearsal for the spring musical has begun. Rehearsal tracks and scores can be found at this Google Drive folder. I encourage you and your student(s) to read and listen to these, especially if they have a named or solo part.

As a check-in for all that’s going on in music:

Kindergarten has been using story songs, both nursery rhymes and Bible stories, to explore our musical concepts. This final quarter adds an element of movement to the mix, drawing on the pedagogy of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze.

First Grade just finished introductions to the orchestra using Peter and the Wolf. Their last task is to explore how different cultures all worship the same God in their own unique ways, from old liturgies to new folk tunes.

Second Grade, using concepts from the pedagogy of Carl Orff, has been learning a major scale by using mallet percussion instruments like xylophones and glockenspiels. They will continue that process this last quarter, culminating in learning and playing full songs on the instruments.

Third Grade finished work on rock ‘n roll instruments, learning how they make sound and their function in a band.

Fourth Grade put their newfound skill at recorder to the test with Recorder Karate, earning tassels (ahem, “belts”) upon mastery of songs.

Fifth Grade reviewed a piece, The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, with both in-class study on instrument families and an online game.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade have already started work on the musical, The Music Man KIDS. More information is available in the Musicals page.

Sixth Grade finished work on keyboards for this year. The students will be working on musical form this quarter.

Seventh Grade crossed the finish line on rock and pop history, and I was pleased at how they dug into music from many decades in their listening journals. Their final project this year is to take inspiration from them, making many small choices to make a complete and original song.

Eighth Grade has been working hard on learning rock band instruments, how to play them, and how to work together with each other on different instruments. They will begin using these skills, some newly found, as they choose and lead songs in chapel before they graduate.


Outside of the general class, students have several other opportunities to experience music.   Students participate in chapel once a week. Elementary classes will have special music once per semester; second and third grade classes will lead antiphons four weeks per semester; individual fourth and fifth grade students will help lead worship as canters and lecters, respectively; and middle school students can volunteer to assist in a multitude of ways, including singing, playing instruments, and running projector and sound. Elementary chapel is every Wednesday morning at 9AM; middle school chapel is every Wednesday afternoon at noon. Click here for more information on chapel.

Older students can choose to join Concert Band (fifth grade up) or Praise Choir (sixth grade up). In band, students will hone skills on a concert band instrument of their choice toward one of several performances. In choir, students will work voices and brains in reading and performing music designed for worship. Click here for more information on Concert Band; click here for more information on Praise Choir.

Several grades have productions throughout the year. Eighth grade students lead a tribute to military members’ service with a Veteran’s Day Production, this year being held Friday, November 11 at 2PM. Kindergarten, first and second grade classes will participate in a Christmas Musical with a dress rehearsal Thursday, December 15 at 2PM and a performance Friday, December 16 at 7PM. The Evangelical Concert Band, Praise Choir, and the Drama Llamas club will hold a dress rehearsal Thursday, March 9 at 2PM for a performance Friday, March 10 at 7PM. Third, fourth, and fifth grade classes will participate in a Spring Musical with a dress rehearsal Thursday, May 4 at 2PM and a performance Friday, May 5 at 7PM. Click here for more information on performances.


This is my third year as music educator here at Evangelical, and I feel more excited than ever about the opportunities for students to create, perform, respond, and connect to and through music. It is my hope that, as one great family, we encourage these student to develop these God-given talents so they can be given back to the One that deserves all praise.   Sincerely, Michael Toolen III Music Educator Evangelical School   mtoolen (AT) evangelical (DASH) school (DOT) com