April with Mrs. P’s Fifth Grade Class

Dear Friends,

Despite missing a week of  school for Spring Break, we stayed very busy in April. (Hopefully all the April showers really do bring May flowers.)

Caspen’s mom, Ms. M led a relaxing mini-art lesson. The students ‘meditated’ to music as they created delved deep within themselves to create their ZenTangle designs with a plastic cup and a black sharpie. Honestly, I don’t think my room has ever been that quiet, and the students absolutely loved it. (So did I. :) ) Thanks Ms. M!

Later in the month we celebrated Easter early, learned about the art of ‘presentation’, and completed a community service project all with one activity. Logan, Eli, and Macy all brought in their moms (All known as Mrs. S.) to help teach a mini- art lesson about aesthetic appeal to consumers while allowing the students to design the layout of their own Easter Basket. (Now they know the pressure the Easter Bunny feels.) We turned it into a service project by then donating them to the Oasis Women’s Shelter, a local shelter for women and children who find themselves unsafe at home. The students were very proud of their works of art and definitely excited about donating them to kids in need. Thanks Mrs. S! (times 3)

At the end of the month, the students completed a fun experiment with a funnel, a hose, and a cup of water. We learned a lot about the force behind water pressure, as well as the the strength of gravity. Our goal was to get the water from Cup A, through the hose, and into Cup B. We changed the path the water would take by bending  or twisting the hose and raising and lowering each cup. Some results surprised us, while others just soaked us! :) Overall, learning occurred and fun was had by all.

Well Wishes,

Mrs. Petroline and Class

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Dear Friends,

As they say, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Just when we thought we were stuck with six more weeks of winter, the clouds rolled out and sunny spring days were upon us.

We welcomed the Holts and their beautiful huskies for their annual visit early this month. Each year, our wonderful librarian Mrs. Hamilton invites them to come and share knowledge of sled-dog racing. They explain to the students the responsibility that goes along with owning a pet, especially one that is as high energy as a husky. They show the students the equipment used by racers to keep the safe, warm, and moving in the right direction. They also teach the students that the spirit of the race, and the camaraderie the racers feel when out on the trail, is much more important that winning or losing. MOST IMPORTANTLY though, they allow us to love on their fur-babies!

We rocked our school spirit this month, showing it by wearing our Evangelical spirit wear. We also dressed as athletes and mathletes, and even wore our Sunday’s best one day. We showed community spirit by collecting canned goods and non-perishable items all week for Crisis Food Center, a local agency that provides meals and food to the less fortunate.

During March, the Volleyball season was in full swing. I was honored by being chosen to coach the fifth grade team, and all of the girls in my class represented me well by joining the team. The girls rose to every challenge presented to them and grew exponentially as the season progressed. I can’t wait for next year’s season to start. :)

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Petroline and Class

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Dear Friends,

February brought a month of love. We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a party. We exchanged kind notes and sweet treats. :)

February is also known as Black History Month. Each day we read a short biography and answered questions based on some of the most influential African Americans throughout history. Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Madam C.J. Walker, Benjamin Banneker, and Mary McLeod Bethune were some of the students’ favorites. We discussed the important accomplishments of African Americans in the present day, such as Barack Obama, Serena Williams, and Denzel Washington. We also traveled back in time and learned about Duke Ellington, Sojourner Truth, Matthew Henson, and Crispus Attucks. It quickly became apparent how appreciative we should be of these men and women for their intelligence and perseverance, as well as grateful to them for their acts of bravery and self-sacrifice. The world would be a very different place if they hadn’t lived in it.

With Love,

Mrs. Petroline and Class

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Dear Friends,

“Books don’t change people; paragraphs do, sometimes even sentences.” John Piper

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” George R. R. Martin

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.” Beverly Cleary

We have spent the last few weeks following the advice that Beverly Cleary has given. The students have written, edited, and formatted their Young Authors’ books in their Chromebooks. Some books are filled with action, some are filled with mystery, and still others are based in history. One thing that has become very clear as I have been reading the students books is that they really put their heart into their work. Below are the titles and authors of each book. If anything interests you, please feel free to stop in a read a while. :)

“Life is a Dream” By: Ella
“The Cross Country Club” By: Kelsey
“ABC Adventure” By: Brody
“The Great Explorers” By: Connor
“Fruits and Vegetables: An ABC Book” By Hailey
“The Guatemalan Boy Who Came to the United States” By: Wil
“Hunting” By: Cooper
“A Girl with a Dream” By: Abby
“My Trip to Glacier National Park” By: Aidan
“The Ring” By: Elaina
“My Life of Dance” By: Caspen
“All About My Life” By: Savannah
“My Life as A Slave” By: Eli
“Adventures through the Jungle” By: Logan
“My Trip to Alaska” By: Elek
“Unordinary” By: Macy
“The Best Book About Dirt Bikes” By: Will

<3 Mrs. Petroline

Dear Friends,

We are incredibly blessed here at Evangelical School. We have wonderful teachers, great students with awesome parents, support from an excellent church family, and a beautiful school building to learn and worship in. This time of year and always, we think and pray about those less fortunate than ourselves. We also collect food to deliver to the local food bank just before Thanksgiving and toys to deliver to a community outreach just before Christmas. The students’ faces light up when they bring those items in to donate because I make sure they know the difference they are making in someone’s life.

The kids shared their favorite things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season… More specifically around the table. :)

Ella A.   Grandma’s ham and turkey
Kelsey B.   Grandma’s roll
Brody C.   Aunt’s pumpkin pie
Connor C.   Grandma’s pumpkin pie
Hailey D.   Mom’s stuffing
Wil G.   Mimi’s stuffing
Cooper H.   Dad’s chicken and dumplings
Abigale H.   Mom’s turkey
Aiden K.   Grandma’s stuffing
Elaina M.   My pumpkin pie
Caspen M.   Grandma’s pumpkin pie
Savannah R.   Step-dad’s turkey
Eli S.   Aunt Katie’s mac’n’cheese
Logan S.    Dad’s cranberry sauce
Elek S.   Mom’s turkey
Macy S.   Mom’s mashed potatoes
Will V.   Grandma’s pumpkin pie

Have a blessed holiday season!

Mrs. Petroline

Dear Friends,

We have two room moms this year in my fifth grade class, which means we are doubly blessed! They volunteered to help us with a mini art activity, and we excitedly agreed. We all tried our hand at making a paper mache bowl. We hand an incredibly fun experience and learned a lot along the way.

Fun Fact:
Paper mache was used to make decoy tanks during war time to fool the enemy.

Live and Learn Fact:
The thinner the material is that you are working with, the easier it is to stick it together, creating layers that strengthen your paper mache sculpture.

Step One: Prep the bowl Step One: Prep the bowl Step One: Prep the bowl Step Two: Brush on the glue! Step Two: Brush on the glue! Step Two: Brush on the glue! Step Three: Apply leaves Step Three: Apply leaves Step Three: Apply leaves

Thanks to Mrs. Sowders and Mrs. Shewmaker for being awesome moms and for volunteering their time to help us perfect our paper mache skills. You rock!

<3 Mrs. Petroline

Ten Things About Fifth Grade

  1. Your fifth grade year is all about preparing you for surviving in middle school. This means improving organizational skills and building responsibility.
  2. We have agendas that you will fill out every night.
  3. You will memorize a Bible verse each week. (Don’t worry if you aren’t great with memorization. The verses aren’t too long and we practice every day in class.)
  4. You will have homework in almost every subject every night. It is usually about 45 minutes worth of work.
  5. You get about 20 minutes of study hall time each day to work on whatever you would like.
  6. Our big fifth grade field trip is a three day stay at Camp DuBois. Camp DuBois is a Christian camp that has an awesome program called Nature’s Classroom. While away at camp, we sleep in cabins and participate in hands on activities. Some of the activities include horseback riding, rocket building, shelter building, and a creek walk.
  7. In Social Studies, we learn about everything from Native Americans to European explorers, and Pioneers to World Wars. It’s all about American History.
  8. In Math, we review a little multiplication and a little division. We learn a lot of techniques for problem solving. We spend a lot of time on fractions, decimals, and measuring in the standard and metric systems.
  9. In Science, we study Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. We learn about plants and animals, Earth’s resources and weather, and matter and energy as it is related to motion.
  10. In Language Arts, we work on our Reading, Grammar, and Spelling skills. We read three short stories every week that follow a theme. We learn skills like summarizing and identifying main characters, setting, and plot. In Grammar, we learn different skills every week. Some examples are singular and plural nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives, and punctuation. In Spelling, we work on word lists that are themed with our reading. We do something called Spelling Spree which allows you to pick from a list of practice activities.

Ten Things About Your Teacher

1. My name is Stephanie Petroline. (Married to Ryan Petroline: June 1st, 2013)This is a picture of me on my wedding day with my husband Ryan.

2. I am Mommy to a little girl that I love very much. (Born: July 19, 2014) Her name is Amelia Ruth, but we call her Millie. She is TWO now! Time sure flies! This is my daughter Amelia Ruth. We call her Millie. :) DSCN1058


yNrbjIA2cjaqkKtBRMXCcQdQA910vddgIsgsD-swUXo,Z1FSDbGs3nNK1_cw7t4uT2P46zi4tvxdM9n5sPat2Qo 20160228_135820 3. I have known that I wanted to be a teacher since I was in kindergarten.

4. I place great value in learning, both in (adding fractions) and out (baking a cake) of the classroom. I love teaching almost as much as I love learning. :)

5. I graduated summa cum laude from SIUE in 2008.

6. This is my eighth year teaching at Evangelical.

7. My favorite subjects are Language Arts and History. (I admire people, like my sister Sarah, who excel at Math and Science.)

8. I have an adorable niece who was born March 23rd, 2013. (Her name is Evelynn.) She will have a sibling July 2016, and I will be an Auntie x 2! The new baby’s name will be Clementine. 20151231_230911 9. I love proverbs and quotes. (There is something special about finding your thoughts made famous by someone else.) Ex: “Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” Amelia Earhart

10. I also love Bible verses. One of my favorite Bible verses is from my confirmation. “The LORD is my light and my salvation- whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life- of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1 Another that means a lot to me comes from the book of Ruth and was read at my wedding. “But Ruth replied, ‘Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.’ ” Ruth 1:16