This Friday both kindergarten classes and first grade classes had a great time at our annual drive-in theater.  We watched Monsters Inc. and had popcorn!  As you can see, everyone’s car was a classic!  What a great way to wrap up the school year!

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Last week we had two more Feature Teachers.  Olivia taught about American Presidents, and Jake taught us all about sharks.  One more Feature Teacher to go and we will be finished for the year!  It has been a lot of fun learning about new things.

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Today was field day at school.  We had a great time doing all the fun activities!  Another great memory made for this year.

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On Friday, our first butterfly hatched!  The boys and girls were so excited!  We took him out and put him on a nice juicy flower.  Three more to go!

IMG_0152 IMG_2926


We had some more great Feature Teachers last week.  On Monday Christian taught us about snakes (yuck!).  The boys and girls got to make a snake!  On Tuesday Kaden taught us how to make energy balls.  Everyone enjoyed tasting one too!  On Wednesday Cylen taught us about dinosaurs, and on Thursday Brielle brought her goats to school!  Everyone loved feeding and petting them!  One more exciting week left.  Can’t wait to see what is next!

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This week’s Feature Teachers were amazing!  On Monday, Emily taught us about hockey.  On Tuesday, Aubrey showed us how to make vanilla ice cream in a Ziploc bag, and it tasted great!  On Wednesday, Taylor taught us all about chickens.  Everyone got to hold a chick.  Last but not least,  on Thursday Laelah taught us all about the different kinds of bears.  You never know what we will be learning each day!

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Last week was our first week of Feature Teacher!  We had some awesome lessons from some very talented people in our class.  On Tuesday Makenna taught us all about dance.  She even brought her dance buddy who was a kindergarten student in my class!  On Wednesday Stella taught us all about the different types of dinosaurs, and Thursday Korby showed the class how to make cupcakes.  We even got to taste her yummy presentation!

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Last week Mrs. Hanold taught a mini-art lesson on pointillism.  Each child painted a canvas with dots around their name using Q-tips.  They loved the lesson and they all turned out great!

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The boys and girls have been having fun this week doing different Easter activities.  Today we graphed jelly beans and then built things with them!


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On Thursday, we had an Easter egg hunt in the gym with our reading buddies!  Everyone found plenty of eggs and had a great time!  Even Henry Bear got some too!  I really want to thank the eighth grade classes for sacrificing their P.E. time so we could have the egg hunt.  Great group of kids! I hope everyone has a blessed Easter and a restful spring break!

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Last Thursday both kindergarten classes went to the St. Louis Science Center.  Everyone had a great time!  The students went to the Discovery Room and tried out lots of fun activities!  Henry Bear even came along.


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