This month we have been doing lots of Valentine’s Day activities.  One of those activities included the definition of Love.  I asked the boys and girls what is love?  Here are the responses I received:

Eva – Giving mom and dad a hug before bedtime.

Chloe – When mommy drops something and can’t bend down, I get it for her.

Gianna – It is my parents taking care of me.

Ryan B. – My mom taking care of my dogs.

Austin – It is when my parents take me to Florida.

Ryan D. – When my dad lets me wrestle with him.

Harper – When my mom makes me a friendship bracelet.

Jack – My mom making meatballs and spaghetti.

Annie – My mom taking me to Disney.

Alice – When my mom and dad take me to the ice cream store.

Rusty – Getting a good report card.

Maddox – Helping my dad play video games and working out.

Jett – Mom and dad taking me to swim.

Lucy – When my mom and dad take me to Branson.

Madelyn – Mom and dad taking me to McDonalds for my birthday.

Peyton – Helping mom do a puzzle.

Hailey – Mom and dad taking me to Disney on Ice.

Noah – Helping mom and dad at the store.

Benjamin – When mom cleans my family room.


We also had a fantastic Valentine’s Day party at school.  The boys and girls played a musical hearts game and had a great time delivering and looking at all their Valentines.  Our parents did a great job planning such a fun party!

IMG_3035 IMG_3052

IMG_3043 IMG_3044

IMG_3047 IMG_3052



On January 31st we celebrated 100 Days of School!  The boys and girls made posters of 100 things they collected and counted.  They are hanging out in the hallway.  We also had special activities going on that day.  The children got to visit each first grade classroom and the other kindergarten class to do an activity with those teachers.  In Mrs. Sears’ classroom the boys and girls made pictures using the numbers 100.  There were some pretty creative masterpieces!  In Mrs. Eales’ class the boys and girls did 100 exercise activities.  In Mrs. Gentelin’s room they stacked 100 cups to make castles and buildings.  In our class they counted out 100 Fruit Loops on a 100 chart and then put them on a string to make a necklace.  As you can see, everyone had a great time!

IMG_3015 IMG_3014 IMG_3013

IMG_3003 IMG_3007 IMG_3005

  IMG_3008 IMG_3012(1) IMG_3011(1) IMG_3010(1)IMG_3008


This week we have been learning about the sound of letter Oo.  So, on Friday we made a big pot of Octopus Stew!  As you can see, everyone LOVED it!  Sorry I couldn’t get a picture of everyone.  A lot of the boys and girls had already eaten it before I could get there.  Oh well, I’m just happy they enjoyed it!

IMG_2966 IMG_2987

IMG_2977 IMG_2975

IMG_2972 IMG_2971

IMG_2969 IMG_2967

Oh, we have been hustling and bustling with lots of different Christmas activities in kindergarten.  Last week we finished reading the story Junie B. Jones and the Yucky, Blucky Fruitcake.  I asked how many children have ever tasted fruit cake, and as I expected, none of them have!  I decided I must remedy this problem right away, so for snack one day, we tasted fruit cake!  As you can see, we had some mixed reviews!


IMG_2877 IMG_2875


IMG_2880 IMG_2879

Last Tuesday we also had a Cuddle Up With a Critter and a Christmas Story.  This was another fun day for everyone.  They all brought their sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, slippers, and a stuffed critter to help celebrate.  We spent the entire morning listening to Christmas stories being read to us by parents and other teachers!  Needless to say, it was a real highlight in our day!

IMG_2908 IMG_2909


IMG_2912 IMG_2913

Before we began all the Thanksgiving Day activities in kindergarten, I just wanted to see how much the children really knew about the first Thanksgiving.  I asked them the question “who was at the first Thanksgiving?”  It was interesting to see who actually attended that feast!  Here are their responses:

Eva – Aunt Jessie

Chloe – YaYa and Papa

Gianna – Abraham Lincoln

Ryan B. – Donald Trump

Austin – Johnny Appleseed

Ryan D. – Joseph

Harper – my dad

Ella – mom and dad

Jack – Adam and Eve

Annie – the angels

Alice – Jesus

Rusty – Abraham in the Bible

Maddox – grandma and grandpa

Jett – my mom

Lucy – my cousin Hunter

Madelyn – granny and grandpa

Peyton – the Lord

Hailey – George Washington

Noah – Robert Wadlow

Benjamin – my great, great, great, great grandma named Memaw


Since that time, we have had a few more lessons about the first Thanksgiving.  I feel like we have a better understanding of the holiday now!


To help get ready for the feast at school, our class made the butter.  The moms actually used our butter to put in the mashed potatoes.  It took a whole lot of shaking, but we had a lot of butter when we finished!



On Wednesday our entire school came together for a Thanksgiving feast.  The boys and girls were super excited to eat with their reading buddies that day!  Everyone really enjoyed being there!

 IMG_2099 IMG_2110

IMG_2109 IMG_2108

IMG_2107 IMG_2106(1)

IMG_2105 IMG_2104

IMG_2103 IMG_2101

IMG_2100 IMG_2098

IMG_2097 IMG_2095



On October 31st we had our school parade and Halloween party in the class room.  The boys and girls had a great time getting dressed and walking in the parade.  When we were finished parading, we came back to the classroom for some treats and pumpkin decorating.  It was a fun time for all!  I would like to thank all the great parents who donated things for the party.  I know the boys and girls had a great time!

IMG_2055 IMG_2054


IMG_2052(1) IMG_2051(1)

In the month of October, we have been working hard on the skill of Following Directions.  This month, I would like to recognize Annie as our DWP Star.  Good job Annie!


We have been working on a unit about apples at school the last couple of weeks.  First we started with apple tasting and graphing our favorite kind of apple.  I agree with Ryan!  Those Granny Smith apples are too sour!

IMG_1989 IMG_1988


After we tasted different kinds of apples and voted for our favorite, we used apples to make apple prints with paint!  By the way, Red Delicious was our favorite!

IMG_1995 IMG_1994


IMG_1992 IMG_1991

This is our finished product!  If you are at school be sure to check it out in the hallway!


Each month at school, we will be learning about a different skill in the Discipline With Purpose Program.  In the month of September we learned all about being a focused listener.  We made a booklet that taught us the six steps of listening.  Each month, I like to choose a student who demonstrates the skill we have learned at school.   This month I chose Jett Nation as our DWP Star!  Each month I will post the certificate on the door outside our room.  Be sure to take a peek!



“What Does Mommy Do When I Am In School?”

This month in our reading theme we are learning all about families.  We read a story called “What Will Mommy Do When I Am In School?”  I thought that was a very interesting question, so  I asked the boys and girls to tell me what you do when they are at school.  Here are the responses I received:

Eva – She works in St. Louis.

Chloe – She cleans up the living room.

Gianna – She works at J.C. Penny.

Ryan B. – She works at the monkey thing and gets all sweaty.

Austin – She cooks stuff.

Ryan D. – She delivers babies.

Harper – Watches t.v., drinks soda, and eats.

Ella – Mommy works at church.

Jack – She works, but I don’t know what she does.

Annie – She does her homework for school.

Alice – She goes to the store and gets vegetables.

Rusty – She does laundry.

Maddox – Mom is a nurse and goes to work.

Jett – She goes to the store and buys food.

Lucy – She goes to the store and buys me toys.

Madelyn – She works at the Health Department.

Peyton – Sometimes she goes to the gym.

Hailey – She works at the doctor’s office.

Noah – She works at high school.

Benjamin – She works at St. Claires.  She teaches patients.

Just as I expected, we have some very busy moms in our class!