Feature Teachers!

Well, we are getting near the end.  Only one more Feature Teacher on Monday!  This week Chloe taught us about painting and hiding rocks in the area.  She told us that her grandmother was the one who started that project!  She brought in some very pretty rocks to show everyone.  On Tuesday Eva taught us about sloths.  We learned that sloths might be slow, but they know how to swim!  On Wednesday Hailey taught us about seashells.  She brought some shells and sand and the boys and girls were able to dig and sift sand to find a shell.  On Thursday, Noah taught us all about dinosaurs.  He has quite a collection!  It is rather sad seeing this project come to an end.  This was truly their time to shine!


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Friday,  kindergarten through fifth grade classes had field day.  Luckily the rain held off and we really did have a nice cool day.  As an added bonus, our reading buddies were there to help at all the stations!  Everyone had a great time!

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Last Wednesday both kindergarten and first grade classes had a great time at our annual drive-in movie in the gym.  Each child made their own car to sit in during the Wreck It Ralph movie.  They also enjoyed popcorn and water while they were watching the show.  I must say, we have some pretty creative parents out there!  All the cars were amazing!  I will give kindergarten parents a big hint for next year………….save your cars!  Making memories!



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We had another great week of Feature Teachers!  On Monday, Harper taught us about ballet.  She taught the five different positions in ballet to the boys and girls.  They each got to try a position.  On Tuesday, Ryan Durham taught us about basketball.  He taught about the court and different positions.  He also taught us about some famous basketball players!  On Wednesday, Austin taught us about the life cycle of a bullfrog.  He even brought in a bullfrog to show the class.  On Thursday, Ryan Beck taught us all about the Mario characters and their super powers, and on Friday, Gianna brought her tarantula named Lucille.  The boys and girls even got to make spider glasses!  Only a few more Feature Teachers to go.  I can’t wait to see what is in store!


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Last week we had some more Feature Teachers.  On Monday Lucy taught us all about Play Dough.  Then she gave everyone their own container to make the initials in their first and last names.  On Tuesday Annie brought her dog, Aspen, to school to teach us all about taking care of a dog.  She even did a couple of tricks for us!  On Thursday Jack taught us about snakes.  He had an informative Power Point presentation and video for the boys and girls to watch.  Last but not least, Ella taught us all about Polar Bears.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this week!

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The boys and girls have been sitting on an egg in their chairs for around two weeks.  They have been slowly cracking and finally hatched!  I loved seeing their faces when they saw what came out of the egg!  (A really great trick for getting them to sit on their bottoms!)   On Thursday before Easter break we had an Easter egg hunt in the gym.  The weather did not cooperate that day, but everyone had fun anyway.  We had over six hundred eggs hidden in the gym!   Thanks everyone for making it happen!          I hope you have a blessed Easter and great spring break!

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Last week we had three more Feature Teachers.  On Tuesday, Rusty taught us all about earthworms!  He even brought a few in to show us.  On Wednesday, Maddox taught us about Magnetic Fields.  He did a demonstration with a compass and magnet, and then gave everyone their own compass and magnet to take home.  On Thursday, Jett taught us about sharks.  We even did some shark addition and subtraction with Goldfish!

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On Monday, April 15th, we went on a field trip to the St. Louis Science Center.  As you can see, everyone had a great day!  We had lots of brave souls who petted a giant cockroach!  I was not included in that group!

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Our class has begun Feature Teacher.  On Wednesday Peyton taught us about dolphins and then we played a game using echolocation.  Thursday, Madelyn taught us all about the life cycle of a butterfly, and Friday Alice taught us about gymnastics and showed us some of the things she learned there.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for us next week!


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