Career Day!

This week we celebrated Spirit Week at our school.  Today was Career Day.  As you can see, the boys and girls all have bright futures ahead of them!  We had everything from daycare workers to paleontologists!



Mississippi Mud visited our school last week.  The children all got to make a ceramic mask.  Needless to say, they had a great time!  They were also fascinated by the demonstration on the pottery wheel.  I can’t wait to see the finished products!

IMG_6503 IMG_6504 IMG_6506 IMG_6507 IMG_6508 IMG_6509 IMG_6512 IMG_6513


Last week Dr. Snyder came to visit our classroom to talk to the boys and girls about dental health.  They had a great time brushing the alligator’s teeth.  Everyone also received a new toothbrush and cup!  Thank you Dr. Snyder!









This month, we talked about Valentine’s Day and what it meant.  I was curious to know what the boys and girls thought love was.   As usual, I was amazed at the great answers I received.

Love is …

Jake – when I fall down and mom picks me up.

Olivia – when I help dad get stuff like water.

Blake – when mom lets me play in the snow.

Brielle – when my sister cries and I make her happy.

Cylen – when mom gives me Legos.

Kaden – learning about God.

Christian – when mom gives me a hug.

Taylor – when mom and dad get me ice cream.

Laelah – when I help mom bake.

Aubrey – when my cat doesn’t bite me in bed.

Emily – when mom cooks good things for me like cookies.

Korby – love is inside your heart.

Stella – when my mom and brother take me to McDonalds.

Makenna – when your sister gets you a Band-Aid.

Everyone also had a great time at the Valentine party.  The parents did a great job putting the party together for the students.  Our friend Henry even came to join us for the party!

IMG_6397(1) IMG_6394

IMG_6399 IMG_6393


Last Tuesday kindergarten and first grades celebrated the 100th day of school!  It is hard to believe we are already in the third quarter of school!  The boys and girls visited the different classrooms and did an activity in each room.  Even Henry’s bear participated in all in the fun!

IMG_6742 IMG_6741 IMG_6740 IMG_6756

IMG_4241(1) IMG_4238(1) IMG_6499(2) IMG_4253(1)

IMG_4251(1) IMG_4246(1)

Have you ever tasted Octopus Stew?  Well, our class has!  We have been working on the short vowel sound of letter Oo.  Last Friday we made a big pot of Octopus Stew.  I have to say, it was a big hit and almost all of the students had seconds!  We are having a great time cooking our way through the alphabet!

IMG_6708 IMG_6711 IMG_6710 IMG_6714 IMG_6712  IMG_6709

Have you ever wondered what snowmen do while you are asleep at night?  After reading several of these books in class,  the boys and girls made their own snowmen over break.  They had to show their snowman doing something while everyone was sleeping.  As you can see, we have snowmen jumping rope, sledding, having snowball fights,  going to the beach, and lots of other fun activities!  They are all displayed in our hallway.  If you get a chance, be sure to stop by and check them out!



Our DWP Star for the month of November was Olivia Dodd.  Olivia displays skill number 2 on a daily basis in the classroom.  Skill number 2 is Following Directions.  Great job Olivia!


The boys and girls had a wonderful time at the Thanksgiving Feast at school.  The boys and girls were allowed to eat lunch with their reading buddy that day.  This is a wonderful tradition celebrated at our school each year.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a great hit!

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Last week the boys and girls went on a leaf hunt.  We were able to find some real beauties!  They even collected pine cones, acorns, and sweet gum balls!  They had a great time finding all their treasures!  After we came in, they picked out their favorite leaves and did some awesome leaf rubbings.  They are hanging out in the hallway.  If you are at school, be sure to check them out!

IMG_3782 IMG_3788 IMG_3783

IMG_3779 IMG_3786 IMG_3785