DWP Star for November

Our DWP Star for the month of November was Olivia Dodd.  Olivia displays skill number 2 on a daily basis in the classroom.  Skill number 2 is Following Directions.  Great job Olivia!


The boys and girls had a wonderful time at the Thanksgiving Feast at school.  The boys and girls were allowed to eat lunch with their reading buddy that day.  This is a wonderful tradition celebrated at our school each year.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this day a great hit!

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Last week the boys and girls went on a leaf hunt.  We were able to find some real beauties!  They even collected pine cones, acorns, and sweet gum balls!  They had a great time finding all their treasures!  After we came in, they picked out their favorite leaves and did some awesome leaf rubbings.  They are hanging out in the hallway.  If you are at school, be sure to check them out!

IMG_3782 IMG_3788 IMG_3783

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As we began the month of November, I thought it would be interesting to discuss the first Thanksgiving.  I asked the boys and girls who they thought was at the first Thanksgiving.  As you can see, there were lots of guests there that I didn’t even know about!  I guess we are going to have to have a lesson about this holiday!

Jake – Indians

Henry -  Hebrews

Olivia – my cousin Chase

Blake – our reading buddies

Brielle – Jesus

Cylen – Moses

Kaden – Grandpa and Grandma

Christian – the President

Taylor – Mom and Dad

Laelah – God

Aubrey – Diana, my babysitter

Emily – Aunt Peggy

Korby – Mom and Dad

Stella – Mom’s Grandpa

Makenna – my great, great Grandma and Grandpa


Henry was our DWP Star for the month of October.  He received a certificate for using good manners at school and practicing DWP Skill number 5, Social Skills.  Great job Henry!


Just another great day in kindergarten painting pumpkins!

IMG_5477 IMG_5478

IMG_5476 IMG_5475

This week in our reading series, I read the story “What Does Mommy Do When I Am At School?”  I thought it might be interesting to find out what all our mommies do when we are at school.  Here are the responses I received:

Jake – She runs to Target to get stuff.

Henry – There are two options.  When she doesn’t work in the day she takes a nap, and watches some TV.  When she is at work she serves food to people.

Olivia – She collects papers for the mailman.

Blake – She has breaks and eats and drinks with her friends at work.

Brielle – She cleans the house and takes care of my brother and sister.

Cylen – She works on her phone at home.

Kaden – She is a nurse and she helps people.

Christian – She works on her computer.

Taylor – She cuts the grass.

Laelah – She cleans the house.

Aubrey – She watches TV.

Emily – She takes a nap.

Korby – She feeds my baby.

Stella – She works at a vet clinic and takes care of puppies and kitties.

Makenna – She works on the computer at my Papa’s house.


This month, I was happy to choose our first DWP Star!  Brielle Hanold has been an awesome focused listener in class.  Each month I will choose a new star who is practicing the DWP skills in the classroom.  Way to go Brielle!


We were very blessed to share our reading buddy time with some of the children from Ugandan Thunder.  It was an honor to have them join us!



IMG_5435 IMG_5432

Today we practiced learning centers for the first time in our classroom.  The boys and girls did a great job and had a lot of fun too!


IMG_5925 IMG_5926

We have been learning about the letter Ss this week.  The students made some Silly Snake bread to eat at snack time.  Good Times!

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