At the Evangelical School we point the students to the Perfect Teacher, the One who knows the answers to all questions, the Author and Perfecter of our faith, our Redeemer - Jesus Christ.  He is the ultimate Hero of every story taught in Religion.  We teach that every word in the Bible is true and inspired by God.

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Although both curriculum and lessons are crafted and personalized by Religion teachers each year, the students are able to complete workbooks  (grades 1-2) and  follow the Jesus Storybook Bible (grade 3) . Grades 4 through Middle School hear a more detailed lesson and learn how to navigate through the Bible.  Beginning in 2nd grade students are requited to memorize assigned Bible verses which relate to each week’s lessons. Although learning Bible stories or memory verses may seem intense, we make it our goal to show how studying God’s Word is not only important but interesting and fun as well. Our hope is to initiate a life-long love for the Bible. Our lessons include group activities, review games, friendly competitions, role plays, crafts, and more.

And lastly, Evangelical School has two experienced teachers who share the responsibilities of teaching the Elementary and Middle School classes.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: (Elementary School) (Middle School)

We’re looking forward to another wonderful year at Evangelical School!

Steven Helfrich

Kay Helfrich