7th & 8th Grade Science


Easter is almost upon us.  May the love and peace that Christ brings be with you and yours this Easter!  Christ is risen indeed!

This month we will be doing the Terra Nova tests.  Please do your best if you are a test taker and if you are not a test taker, help them out by making sure they get enough rest, get enough good food, and encouragement so they can do their best.

Now that it is April, we are really getting close to the end of our school year.  Please remember though, that the year isn’t over yet!  We have many other things we need to accomplish before we are done.  Please don’t check out on me yet.

This month in Science, the 7th graders will be finishing up their Astronomy section.  We have visited the Planetarium in St. Louis, made models of our solar system, learned about the interactions between our planet, the moon and the sun, and now we are going to learn about the rest of the universe (galaxies, stars, nebulae, etc.)  Coming soon, the much anticipated rocket unit!

8th graders are learning about the Periodic Table and how different elements react with each other.  They are doing a visual report on an element and will soon be learning about the different kinds of chemical bonds.

Here is my student of the month:



NAME:  Hallie



HOBBIES/INTERESTS:  Drawing, Sports, and Listening to Music


WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE SOMEDAY?:  Engineer or Manager

ONE THING YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME IS:  I have three crazy siblings.

WORDS TO LIVE BY:  “Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.”



Science is a tool to help solve the questions of who, what, where, when, and how.  Faith and religion are the realm of the most important question, why.

7th Grade Science at Evangelical is Earth Science and Astronomy.  We use the CPO Science curriculum with integrated lab equipment.

8th Grade Science at Evangelical is Physical Science.  As with Earth Science, we follow the CPO Science curriculum.  www.cposcience.com

All materials are in digital format and make the  use of Chromebooks ideal!  Evangelical students engage in laboratory experiences regularly that challenge their thinking skills as well as foster cooperative learning.


I am again having 6th-8th grade Science Club on the first and third Mondays of each month.  The first meeting of the month we will watch something educational about science.  If you would like to donate snacks and/or drinks for those meetings, I would really appreciate it.  The second meeting of the month is about doing some kind of activity/lab that we might not normally do as part of the regular curriculum.  

Here is the list of meetings this year:

  • April 1st and 15th
  • May 6th and 20th


Want to keep up with the latest science around the world?  Check out www.sciencedaily.com


DWP will continue to play a role in our lessons in science.  (Every DWP skill is absolutely essential to understanding and working with science.)

We will be doing lots of labs and investigations, we will watch videos, play games, and have fun gaining knowledge of how our universe works!