Our Favorite Weather

The students in first grade have been learning about weather.  Each student chose their favorite type of weather and wrote about why they liked that specific weather.  Each student also added an illustration to go along with their writing.  The students did a great job with these.  This was one of our first activities that we completed when we started discussing and learning about weather.  20170117_160310

Our first grade class has been learning about the different types of weather and since we recently had snow in our area, the students wrote a fun descriptive story about what they would hear, see, smell, taste, and feel if they were stuck in a snow globe.  The students did a great job using their imaginations! I am so proud of their work and how detailed their writing/illustrations turned out.  The students worked hard and turned part of what we were learning in science into their writing assignment.  Here are our snow globes!

20170117_160156 20170117_160211 20170117_160226 20170117_160240

Our first grade class has been learning about weather in science.  Due to our snow that we had this month, the students and I made “snowstorms” in a jar.  We had so much fun! All of the students wanted to make them again, so I told them I would make sure to put the science experiment on the website for all of their families to see.

Directions for a “Snowstorm” In a Jar:

1. Fill a clear jar 3/4 of the way full with baby oil.

2. In a cup, mix water and white paint to a good consistency.  Then pour the mixture into the jar.

3.  Let the pain mixture settle to the bottom of the jar.

4. Sprinkle iridescent glitter in the jar.

5. Then break up a seltzer tablet into pieces and place a few pieces into the jar.

6. Watch the snowstorm unfold!! (Make sure to place newspaper or paper towels underneath the jar to keep the mess to a minimum)

I hope that if you try this at home, that you have as much fun as we did in class!

20170106_150455 20170106_150536 20170106_150543 20170106_150559 20170106_150625


We voted!

Students took time out of their day to vote for the future president!  They also read the story Duck for President and voted for either Farmer Brown or Duck.  Duck won!  Students were able to write a persuasive writing to tell why Duck or Farmer Brown should win.  They had a lot of fun!


Welcome to 1st grade!

My name is Mrs. Sears.  I have been teaching at Evangelical School for seven years. I love working with these young students and seeing them challenge themselves to do more.  I also love working with students when they are struggling with a skill. We keep working on it and then all of a sudden a light bulb comes on and they know how to do something that they couldn’t do before.  It is one of the best feelings in the world and makes my job so enjoyable!  I also enjoy teaching them the word of God and seeing them develop a relationship with God and their fellow peers. They are such sweethearts!

Here is a little bit more about myself.

I graduated from Greenville College in 2008.  I reside in the small town of Jerseyville, Il.  My husband, Phillip, and I have been married for six years and we have a beautiful daughter! God has truly blessed us.