Mrs. Sears



  • Bachelor of Science from Greenville College
  • Has been teaching at Evangelical School for 10 years
  • Likes to spend time with family and be outdoors


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We’ve been getting ready for the end of the school year.  The students have been using their creativity and imaginations to make summer bucket lists and creating portraits of themselves.  They were able to draw and write about their future and what they see themselves doing in the future.  I loved seeing their creativity shine through!!

I pray everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer!

We recently celebrated the 100th day of school.  The students went to both kindergarten and first grade classrooms to participate in different activities. IMG_4265 IMG_4264 IMG_4259 IMG_4262 IMG_4260

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In January, we learned about weather. We learned about different types of clouds and what each one brings. We also learned about the water cycle and did some experiments.


In the month of November,students have been learning about Native Americans. We are learning about their homes, clothing, beliefs, jewelry, and many other things they might have used or made.  Students have made Native American vests, headdresses, medallions, and tipis.  We are looking forward to continuing our learning when we return from Thanksgiving break.  We hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!


This month students began learning about pumpkins in science. Students dug into their pumpkins and counted their seeds. They also added faces to their pumpkins.  The students also learned the life cycle of a pumpkin. We had so much fun!

Welcome to 1st grade! My name is Mrs. Sears.  I have been teaching at Evangelical School for nine years. I love working with these young students and seeing them challenge themselves to do more.  I also love working with students when they are struggling with a skill. We keep working on it and then all of a sudden a light bulb comes on and they know how to do something that they couldn’t do before.  It is one of the best feelings in the world and makes my job so enjoyable!  I also enjoy teaching them the word of God and seeing them develop a relationship with God and their fellow peers. They are such sweethearts! Here is a little bit more about myself. I graduated from Greenville College in 2008.  I reside in the small town of Jerseyville, Il.  My husband, Phillip, and I have been married for seven years and we have a beautiful daughter that is almost two! God has truly blessed us.