Student Council

2018-2019 Student Council Members

President – Juliana Rensing

Vice President – Juliana Barnerd

Secretary – Macy Stevenson

Treasurer- Emily Schrumpf

Chaplain – Samantha Eales

8th Grade Representative – Greg Fite

7th Grade Representatives – Hilary Schrumpf and Brody Clark

6th Grade Representatives -  David Reese, Addie Sandifer, Myra Trammerl, and Audrey Windmiller

Upcoming Events

Meeting – Tuesday  4/16 3:30pm-4:15pm

May 10th – 8th Grade Formal Dance 7:00pm-9:00 pm

Six Flags Leadership Conference 5/9 8:00am-5:00pm

Meeting – 5/16 3:30pm-4;15pm


2017-2018 Student Council Members

President: Savannah Scheffel (8th grade)

Vice President: Emily Hampshire (7th grade)

Secretary: Juliana Barnerd (7th grade)

Treasurer: Juliana Rensing (7th grade)

Chaplain: Ashley Niemeyer (8th grade)

8th Grade Representatives: Allie Schrumpf and Brentleigh Keith

7th Grade Representatives: Aiden Belchik and Samantha Eales

6th Grade Representatives: Cameron Belchik, Brody Clark, Emily Schrumpf, Macy Stevenson

Upcoming Events:

Meeting: Wednesday 9/20 3:30-4:15

Meeting: Wednesday 10/11 3:30-4:15

Halloween Dance: Friday 10/20 7-9:30

Meeting: Wednesday 10/25 3:30-4:15