Happy Birthday Annie!

Today we celebrated Annie’s birthday.  It was the first birthday of the year in our class.  Annie brought cupcakes to share with the class and everyone left with a blue or purple mouth!


The boys and girls had a great time rotating through centers today.  We are moving right along!


IMG_1929 IMG_1930


IMG_1932 IMG_1928

Field Trip Fun

Thanks to the Every Kid in a Park initiative, we were able to take a free field trip to the Audubon Center and Riverlands. This field trip allowed us to take part in several fun activities including; a live reptile show, a canoeing adventure on the Mississippi River, a live history show about Lewis and Clark, and a presentation about the national parks and federal lands in the United States. Another perk of the Every Kid in the Park initiative is that every 4th grade student and their families get FREE access into ANY nation park in the United States ALL summer! This is pretty awesome, considering that some of the national parks are pretty costly to get into.


Our computers got a makeover…meet the new Olivia :)

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As you can tell we had a pretty great time, the weather was beautiful, and I think that they learned a thing or two. We’ll count that as a win for the 4th grade teachers! :)

Our butterflies have arrived!! It’s been so exciting to see our caterpillars grow (quickly), become chrysalides, and then emerge as painted lady butterflies. We eagerly tracked their progress and waited for the day we could release them so they could start the process all over again.Amazing!!

IMG_2247 IMG_2227

IMG_2311 IMG_2306 IMG_2313

May Day 2018
Happy May Day to everyone!  The first week of May finds us celebrating Children’s Book Week in the library.  I am sharing some of my favorite books that are about books.  Students are also sharing their favorite book titles with their classmates.
Next week, I will be talking with students about Evangelical School’s Summer Reading Program.  Hayner Library’s Summer Reading Program will be discussed, as well.  More information on these programs will be forthcoming.  I can’t stress enough how important it is that your child read (and be read to) over our summer break.
The third week of May there will be a two day Book Fair in the library.  My hope is that no student leaves Evangelical School without summer reading material.  I will post dates and hours of the Book Fair next week.

Spanish Poster Contest 2018 Participants

This year’s Spanish Poster theme: ¡El español y el portugués en marcha!

Some student’s also wrote the theme in Portuguese: O espanhol e o português em movimento!

I enjoy watching student’s ideas and the Spanish Poster Contest helps demonstrate student understanding of the importance of learning new languages. This promotes creative thinking, celebrates visual learners and artistic expression, verbalizes appreciation of other languages, and engages the enthusiasm of our students!

Second Graders

Second Graders! ¡Gracias estudiantes!


5th Graders from Mrs. Decker’s Class who participated in this year Spanish Poster Contest. ¡Gracias estudiantes!

Spanish Poster

4th Graders from Mrs. McRae’s class who participated for this year’s Spanish Poster Contest.

3rd grade class observing student's posters!

Third grade class observing student’s posters!

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you” -Arnold Palmer


From the desk of Ms. Mitchell-


This month in P.E  we are going to focus on having a ton of fun with scooters and learning the basics of floor hockey! During the first week of March, we will have a special guest, Mr. Williams, from Woodlands Golf Course join us in class and teach us all about golf! We are so very excited to have him join us!


February DWP Stars-

Lilah L.      Seth E.          Lilly F.        Lyla C.

Oliver H.    Birdie E.       Reese H.

Nolan S.      Tucker E.     Sophie H.

God Bless


Ms. Mitchell


Bluestem and Rebecca Caudill Voting

Voting for the Bluestem Award and the Rebecca Caudill Award will take place the last week of February in the library.  These two awards are voted on by students across the state of Illinois.  Students in grades four and five may vote for the Bluestem Award if they have read and/or heard four of the nominees.  Voting for the Rebecca Caudill Award is by students in middle school who have read and/or heard three of the nominees.  The results will be announced in March. 

Young Authors’ Week 2018

Evangelical School is celebrating our Young Authors this week.  Our theme this year is “Beauty and the Books”.  Special activities are taking place in the library.  The books are on display in the hallway outside of the library.  An assembly will be held on Thursday, February 1st, to recognize and celebrate our Young Authors.  The assembly will take place in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.



                                          The year 2018 is here! It’s good to be back. We have a lot of math to learn still.

Algebra 1- Starting Slope! The fun has begun.

Pre-Algebra- We are starting Chapter 5- Fraction.

Math 2- We begin Chapter 6 which is Percents.

We will be utilizing technology and projects to help us understand and use our math!