Last Wednesday both kindergarten and first grade classes had a great time at our annual drive-in movie in the gym.  Each child made their own car to sit in during the Wreck It Ralph movie.  They also enjoyed popcorn and water while they were watching the show.  I must say, we have some pretty creative parents out there!  All the cars were amazing!  I will give kindergarten parents a big hint for next year………….save your cars!  Making memories!



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Last week we had some more Feature Teachers.  On Monday Lucy taught us all about Play Dough.  Then she gave everyone their own container to make the initials in their first and last names.  On Tuesday Annie brought her dog, Aspen, to school to teach us all about taking care of a dog.  She even did a couple of tricks for us!  On Thursday Jack taught us about snakes.  He had an informative Power Point presentation and video for the boys and girls to watch.  Last but not least, Ella taught us all about Polar Bears.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this week!

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Last week we had three more Feature Teachers.  On Tuesday, Rusty taught us all about earthworms!  He even brought a few in to show us.  On Wednesday, Maddox taught us about Magnetic Fields.  He did a demonstration with a compass and magnet, and then gave everyone their own compass and magnet to take home.  On Thursday, Jett taught us about sharks.  We even did some shark addition and subtraction with Goldfish!

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This week we have been learning about the sound of letter Oo.  So, on Friday we made a big pot of Octopus Stew!  As you can see, everyone LOVED it!  Sorry I couldn’t get a picture of everyone.  A lot of the boys and girls had already eaten it before I could get there.  Oh well, I’m just happy they enjoyed it!

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On October 31st we had our school parade and Halloween party in the class room.  The boys and girls had a great time getting dressed and walking in the parade.  When we were finished parading, we came back to the classroom for some treats and pumpkin decorating.  It was a fun time for all!  I would like to thank all the great parents who donated things for the party.  I know the boys and girls had a great time!

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  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Greenville College
  • First year teaching at Evangelical School
  • Likes to spend time with family and friends




  • Master of Arts in Teaching from Greenville College
  • Has been teaching at Evangelical School for 12 years
  • Likes to travel

Today we celebrated Annie’s birthday.  It was the first birthday of the year in our class.  Annie brought cupcakes to share with the class and everyone left with a blue or purple mouth!


The boys and girls had a great time rotating through centers today.  We are moving right along!


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My name is Sasha Hall. I am thrilled to teach third grade here at Evangelical School!

I graduated from SIUE with my Bachelors in Elementary Education in 2016. I live in Godfrey with my husband Simon and son Silas. We have a cat named Scout and absolutely love the outdoors. I also enjoy baking and sewing.

Walking into my classroom, you will see a bright atmosphere that reflects the bright light that God has put in each of us. I encourage students to let their light shine for ALL to see-Matthew 5:16.

Though third grade can be a year of change and transition, my goal is to make that change as easy and as smooth as possible for the students. Please don’t hesitate to contact me during school hours! I am here to serve and happy to help!


Mrs. Hall