Spanish Poster Contest

Spanish Poster Contest 2018 Participants

This year’s Spanish Poster theme: ¡El español y el portugués en marcha!

Some student’s also wrote the theme in Portuguese: O espanhol e o português em movimento!

I enjoy watching student’s ideas and the Spanish Poster Contest helps demonstrate student understanding of the importance of learning new languages. This promotes creative thinking, celebrates visual learners and artistic expression, verbalizes appreciation of other languages, and engages the enthusiasm of our students!

Second Graders

Second Graders! ¡Gracias estudiantes!


5th Graders from Mrs. Decker’s Class who participated in this year Spanish Poster Contest. ¡Gracias estudiantes!

Spanish Poster

4th Graders from Mrs. McRae’s class who participated for this year’s Spanish Poster Contest.

3rd grade class observing student's posters!

Third grade class observing student’s posters!

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you” -Arnold Palmer


From the desk of Ms. Mitchell-


This month in P.E  we are going to focus on having a ton of fun with scooters and learning the basics of floor hockey! During the first week of March, we will have a special guest, Mr. Williams, from Woodlands Golf Course join us in class and teach us all about golf! We are so very excited to have him join us!


February DWP Stars-

Lilah L.      Seth E.          Lilly F.        Lyla C.

Oliver H.    Birdie E.       Reese H.

Nolan S.      Tucker E.     Sophie H.

God Bless


Ms. Mitchell


Bluestem and Rebecca Caudill Voting

Voting for the Bluestem Award and the Rebecca Caudill Award will take place the last week of February in the library.  These two awards are voted on by students across the state of Illinois.  Students in grades four and five may vote for the Bluestem Award if they have read and/or heard four of the nominees.  Voting for the Rebecca Caudill Award is by students in middle school who have read and/or heard three of the nominees.  The results will be announced in March. 

Young Authors’ Week 2018

Evangelical School is celebrating our Young Authors this week.  Our theme this year is “Beauty and the Books”.  Special activities are taking place in the library.  The books are on display in the hallway outside of the library.  An assembly will be held on Thursday, February 1st, to recognize and celebrate our Young Authors.  The assembly will take place in the sanctuary at 9:00 a.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.



                                          The year 2018 is here! It’s good to be back. We have a lot of math to learn still.

Algebra 1- Starting Slope! The fun has begun.

Pre-Algebra- We are starting Chapter 5- Fraction.

Math 2- We begin Chapter 6 which is Percents.

We will be utilizing technology and projects to help us understand and use our math!

Pumpkin, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

We spent the month of October learning about pumpkins.

The first graders compared, measured, and described their pumpkins.

They completed an experiment to see if they all could float and tested to

see which ones rolled farther and faster.  Then we discussed why.

At the end of the month, we estimated how many seeds are inside and

counted them in groups of ten.  Our pumpkins were loaded with seeds!

Finally, each student saved some seeds to plant next Spring.








Pennies for Posho


The first graders were very enthusiastic about collecting money for the Ugandan orphanages.

After we filled the bucket two times, we decided to count how much we had collected.

We divided the coins up and counted into piles of ten (4 for the quarters).

We collected over $150 dollars.  I would say that is a successful

demonstration of our DWP skill of making sacrifices.




We’ve been having so much fun and learning so much this year.

In September, we used our senses to explore a real coconut after reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Then we opened it to see what was inside.


IMG_1525 IMG_1526


We also tasted some sweetened coconut flakes.IMG_1531



imageimageOur class is discussing all the things we’re thankful for all of November. We have so many blessings! Some said they were thankful for family and friends, teachers, and some luxury items too!

This week in our reading series, I read the story “What Does Mommy Do When I Am At School?”  I thought it might be interesting to find out what all our mommies do when we are at school.  Here are the responses I received:

Jake – She runs to Target to get stuff.

Henry – There are two options.  When she doesn’t work in the day she takes a nap, and watches some TV.  When she is at work she serves food to people.

Olivia – She collects papers for the mailman.

Blake – She has breaks and eats and drinks with her friends at work.

Brielle – She cleans the house and takes care of my brother and sister.

Cylen – She works on her phone at home.

Kaden – She is a nurse and she helps people.

Christian – She works on her computer.

Taylor – She cuts the grass.

Laelah – She cleans the house.

Aubrey – She watches TV.

Emily – She takes a nap.

Korby – She feeds my baby.

Stella – She works at a vet clinic and takes care of puppies and kitties.

Makenna – She works on the computer at my Papa’s house.