Green Class

Welcome to the Green Class! My name is Mrs. Pollyann McCann and I am  the lead teacher for the five day four year-old class. Mrs. Jessie Grasle is my assistant.

We focus on kindergarten readiness every day. Each week begins with the introduction of a new letter and its sound and a new theme. The letter and theme are emphasized all week with letter games and activities, and letter show-n-tell. We teach counting numbers 1-30 with student recognition of numbers 1-10. Learning our phone numbers, addresses and learning how to write our name are equally important.

Our centers room contains student selected and teacher led activities. These activities help promote basic social skills while continuing to reinforce our literacy, math, science, and fine motor skills.

In addition, the Green Class enjoys a cooking project each month. This year we made apple turnovers for letter “A” week, pizza for letter “P” week, noodles for letter “N” week and a hot dog octopus for letter “O” week.

We have also learned how children in Mexico and children in France celebrate Christmas. We used passports to “travel” to each country receiving stamps in them upon entering and leaving. We also learned to sing songs in Spanish and French.

We are a lively bunch and have fun each day while getting ready for kindergarten!