Principal’s Corner




We read several stories about Corduroy the bear in class.  Each child said what they would do if they had their very own Corduroy.

Lia – Jump on the trampoline

Wyatt – Play with him

Ryleigh – Jump on a trampoline

Renae – Swing with him

Ethan – Play Xbox with him

Seth – Play on the playground

Lincoln – Play outside with him

Finley – Pull feathers out of the sofa with him

Jaxon – Play at the park

Cal – Play with him on the Xbox 360

Sebastian – Snuggle with him

Hallie – Watch “Ghostbusters” with him

Lauren – Sleep with him

Alexis – Always play with him

Logan – Play video games every night

Jacob – Play on Xbox with him all day

Adelynn – Jump on the trampoline

Brady – Pretend he is Santa

Aidan – I would play Playstation 4

Adrienne – Play Xbox

On Valentine’s Day each child got their very own Corduroy to take home.  They were so excited.  It was a lot of fun!