Principal’s Corner


This month we have been doing lots of Valentine’s Day activities.  One of those activities included the definition of Love.  I asked the boys and girls what is love?  Here are the responses I received:

Eva – Giving mom and dad a hug before bedtime.

Chloe – When mommy drops something and can’t bend down, I get it for her.

Gianna – It is my parents taking care of me.

Ryan B. – My mom taking care of my dogs.

Austin – It is when my parents take me to Florida.

Ryan D. – When my dad lets me wrestle with him.

Harper – When my mom makes me a friendship bracelet.

Jack – My mom making meatballs and spaghetti.

Annie – My mom taking me to Disney.

Alice – When my mom and dad take me to the ice cream store.

Rusty – Getting a good report card.

Maddox – Helping my dad play video games and working out.

Jett – Mom and dad taking me to swim.

Lucy – When my mom and dad take me to Branson.

Madelyn – Mom and dad taking me to McDonalds for my birthday.

Peyton – Helping mom do a puzzle.

Hailey – Mom and dad taking me to Disney on Ice.

Noah – Helping mom and dad at the store.

Benjamin – When mom cleans my family room.


We also had a fantastic Valentine’s Day party at school.  The boys and girls played a musical hearts game and had a great time delivering and looking at all their Valentines.  Our parents did a great job planning such a fun party!

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