Orange Class

My name is Tracy Funke I have been teaching the Yellow class for 12 years and this is my first year
teaching the Orange class. My assistant Marti Holmes has been teaching the Yellow Class with me for 9
years and has assisted in the Orange class for 2 years.
We have 21 students this year and our daily schedule includes center time, music and literacy, gross
motor, art and snack time.
Our day starts in Centers where we have 8 different centers that the students can rotate through in the first
hour of school. We also have calendar time which we discuss the month, day, seasons, weather and work
on numbers and letters. We use play-based activities to teach kindergarten readiness skills that include
literacy concepts, language development, phonemic awareness, listening and emergent writing skills.
We work on math concepts such as number recognition, sorting, categorizing, patterns, shapes, estimation
and measurement.
We also encourage social and emotional development through learning to share, taking turns and
communicating needs and wants.
We look forward to working with your children and getting them ready for Kindergarten. We hope to
have a great year with these energetic and eager four year-olds.
Mrs. Funke
Mrs. Holmes