Our school is blessed to offer worship once per week for students. Parents are welcome to attend either service, Tuesday mornings at 9 for middle school and Wednesday mornings at 9 for elementary school.

For elementary school, second and third grade students learn and recite¬†antiphons, short musical phrases with Bible verses. Composed by the late Rev. Walter H. Krebs, these settings of psalms and other event-related verses blend a simple melody with interesting 20th-century harmonies. Fourth and fifth grade students help lead by being acolytes (lighting ceremonial candles) and reading scripture from the lectern. By having such structured worship, students learn to appreciate the “why’s” behind so much of what they see and experience, not only here but in their own houses of worship as well.

For middle school, students will soon have the opportunity to almost fully own their worship experience, from leading songs in singing and playing instruments to managing sound equipment behind the scenes. Worship is freer than elementary worship, fostering a more authentic emotional attachment to worship.

Again, please consider coming to visit worship here at Evangelical School.