Boys and girls in fourth through eighth grades may participate in sports through the community’s parochial CAL-Catholic Athletic League.  Students may play on the following teams during the designated season:  Girls – volleyball, basketball, softball, cheer, and track.  Boys – volleyball, basketball,  baseball, and track.  Certain sports may not be offered if there is not enough interest.  The league determines this.  Students wishing to play sports must maintain a “C” or better average.  If a grade falls below a “C”, the student will be ineligible to play until the grade is brought up.

Sports News from the Athletic Director Feb. 3, 2018


Volleyball Schedules

4th and 5th Girls Volleyball Schedule


6th Girls Vball Schedule

7th and 8th CAL Volleyball Schedule 2018 (1) (1) **REVISED** 2/8/18 (includes 6th boys playing up as 7th, 7th girls & 8th boys/girls)


Evangelical Athletic Handbook

Volleyball Registration 2017-18 (Grades 4-5-6-7-8)

Volunteer Sign Up Concessions/Admissions


2018 4th Boys Tournament

**Boys Volleyball will happen this year if enough interest in 6-8th grades!! Sign up forms available soon**

Track Forms will be online after the holidays


Middle School Basketball

7/8th girls